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Be Muschamp for a minute: How would you discipline Jenkins?

With yesterday's news that linebackers Chris Martin and Kedric Johnson also got busted for weed in January, it's clear that the Gators have a chronic issue with marijuana (get it?!) and Will Muschamp needs to do something about it before his entire roster goes up in smoke (I'm on fire!).

First, he should call them all into a room and scream "For the love of God, just smoke in your homes and not in public!" Martin, Johnson and Janoris Jenkins have all been caught with weed in a vehicle, and Jenkins was also snagged in a nightclub. Keep it indoors, and these problems go away.

Alas, it's too late for that with these three, so how would you handle it? Feel free to chime in on what you'd do with Martin and Johnson, but I'm most interested in Jenkins because he was caught twice and is probably the team's best player. My inner moral code says two-game suspensions for Martin and Johnson, and then six games for Jenkins (half the season).

BUT, I wouldn't do that with Jenkins for a simple reason: he's good. Look, college football is a dirty, twisted sport with a bass-ackward financial scheme, rampant misconduct by players and administrators and a laughable "postseason." In this case, I'm inclined to treat it like the circus it really is. Suspend Jenkins for four games (that's FAU, UAB, Tennessee and Kentucky) and bring him back in time to face Alabama, LSU, Auburn and Georgia, when the season really heats up. Hit him with plenty of conditioning, community service and the promise that one more slip-up means he's a goner, but I wouldn't kick him off the team or suspend him for half the year because he might bolt for the supplemental draft. Publicly, I would only say that Jenkins is suspended, but not for how long. Everyone would just have to wait week-by-week to see if Jenkins would play, thereby slowly diminishing the story.

Plenty of you will think that's too lenient, and in the real world, I'd agree. But this sport is a joke, and if I'm the coach, I want to be the one laughing with my shutdown corner ready for the toughest part of the schedule. After all, what's the NCAA going to do about it? As Dave Chappelle once said about the United Nations, "You got a problem with that? You know what you should do? You should sanction me. Sanction me with your Army. Oh, wait a minute, you don't have an Army!"

NOTHING is making Muschamp be hard on Jenkins except for the risk of his players not taking him seriously from a disciplinary standpoint, but he can handle that behind closed doors enough to fix that problem. Athletics director Jeremy Foley could pull rank and make a decision, but if that's the case, it doesn't really matter what Muschamp thinks anyway. As only Gator Clause can, we're giving you the power to be coach Muschamp for the next five minutes. So what would you do?





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