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Florida gets a trick-shot video of its own

Finally, Florida has joined the illustrious ranks of Texas A&M, UConn, Monmouth, and Washington State. UF alum Brodie Smith, a former national champion with Florida's ultimate frisbee team, has put the Gators on the trick-shot map with his video of crazy frisbee shots, mostly done on-campus. It's embedded, but in case it shows up funny, here's the link. I know it's a little off-beat, but if you hate this, you hate fun.

Given how popular trick shots are, this could get pretty big. In fact, Smith said a Japanese TV network is running the video. "It's huge in Japan," he said. "I don't know why, but these Japanese people are loving these trick shots."

There's a lot to love, especially the shot around the two-minute mark where he spins the disc and pretty much slaps it into a trash can from the top of the track stadium, which, when you watch the replay and really think about it, has to go down as one of the toughest trick shots of any kind on YouTube.

And like most good videos, he finishes with a bomb -- an 85-yard hammer-style throw inside The Swamp. Smith said he hit most of his shots fairly quickly, but that one took 60-70 unsuccessful tries the first day, thanks in part to the huge impact the wind has on a throw that far. On the second day, he warmed up and nailed his first attempt, leading a memorable reaction from the camera man.

The concept for the video and Smith's YouTube channel of frisbee highlights was to show people that "it isn't a hippie sport." A few years removed from making yours truly look silly during Nease High School Frisbee Club games, Smith is teaching at Gainesville Eastside High and preparing to play with his team in the national championships, which would lead to a shot at the world title. In the meantime, he's working on a second round of trick shots.

"The first video, we didn't spend much time thinking of and creating shots. It was kind of on the fly. This next one, we a had a meeting for a few hours to try and get a game plan together," Smith said. "There are so many capabilities with a frisbee between kicking it, skipping it and throwing it different ways, so I would say if you like the first one, the second one is going to out-do it. You can't come out with another trick-shot video and not be better than the first."

Honestly, would this not be the perfect way for John Brantley to re-vamp his image? He came in with a reputation for accuracy and has fallen on some hard times, so why not recapture some glory with a video of him nailing some crazy football throws? With no snaps, pass-rushers or receivers to worry about, I'd imagine he could do some damage, and he could use the personality bump that would come along with a video like that. If only I could be an agent for college football players...


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