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Florida Gators formalizing plans for summer satellite camps

GAINESVILLE -- Jim McElwain has a plan. 

After the NCAA reversed course and lifted the ban on satellite camps, Florida’s second-year coach is ready to take advantage of the new rules. 

“We’re in the process of putting our traveling show together and it should be fun,” McElwain said Wednesday on the SEC Teleconference. 

“Looking forward to it.”

McElwain offered no specifics, but according to the website Football Brainiacs, Florida plans to co-host camps in Dallas and Houston with former UF assistant and current Texas head coach Charlie Strong. 

“The rules the way they are, we’ll use it to let our guys get out to places and instruct some camps and do some evaluation along the way,” McElwain said. 

Satellite camps have become a controversial topic this offseason, as Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh and Ohio State’s Urban Meyer took advantage of prior rules by guest-coaching camps across the country last year -- including in the Gators’ backyard.  

In early April, the NCAA banned the camps at the request of multiple conferences, headlined by the SEC. 

However, just three weeks later the ban was overruled. 

Schools can only host satellite camps within a certain window, though, as all off-campus camps must take place around the same time as teams host their own summer camps on campus. 

“They’ve all got to fall within your camp dates anyway. It’s a matter of making contacts and setting up a plan,” McElwain said. 

“It’s one of those deals where you’re going to do whatever you can within the rules to help you be successful and that’s what everybody is doing. I don’t get much caught up with that kind of stuff. Just point me in a direction and we’ll do what we can.”

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