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Ru'ach: Community Co-Sponsor of two films at the MGLFF

From Ru'ach, the LGBT group at Temple Israel of Greater Miami: 

Ru'ach will be a community co-sponsor for two films in the upcoming Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.
If anyone wants to organize a group block of tickets buy (minimum of 10 at our discounted rate) let me know.
We will co-sponsor:  Tick Tock Lullaby, a lesbian drama about a character  with "baby-fever"  and is obsessed with starting a family as she is the last in her lineage, and wants to preserve her family name and Jewish roots. Thursday May 3, 7:15pm. Regal 18
Along with the Task Force, Ru'ach will community co-sponsor: A Jihad for Love: Excerpts from a Work in Progress.   A Jihad for Love is a documentary film of epic proportions, tackling the taboo topic of homosexuality in the religious culture of the Islamic world. Filmed in 12 countries, spanning 9 languages and produced in association with five international TV broadcasters, gay Muslim filmmaker Parvez Sharma takes us into the secretive world of gay and lesbian Muslims. Produced by Sandi DuBowski (director/producer of Trembling Before G-d ), A Jihad for Love is now in post-production and will be launched in the Fall - Miami audiences are being treated to an ultra-exclusive excerpt from this Work-in-Progress.
A Jihad for Love: Excerpts from A Work-In-Progress
Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Monday, April 30th, 7:30 PM Regal 17 Cinemas

Dear friends and supporters of Trembling Before G-d,

As many of you know, I have been producing a new film for the past 5 1/2 years on Islam and homosexuality with Muslim gay filmmaker Parvez Sharma. On April 30th, please join us for a special benefit evening of films clips and discussion as we share stories from Iran, Egypt, South Africa, Turkey, India, and France. This Muslim-Jewish collaboration has been an incredible and challenging journey - and I hope you feel compelled by our vision and how far we have to come to support us towards completion. Please spread the word among your friends, families and colleagues by forwarding this email. I look forward to see you as we try to make a global difference in an increasingly polarized world! Thank you so much.


Sandi DuBowski
Director/Producer, Trembling Before G-d
Producer, A Jihad for Love


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