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Latino Boys magazine editor David L. Wylie resigns to lead online venture

News release:

David_wylie_geo_bustamante_3Miami Beach, FL - David L. Wylie, Editor of Latino Boys Magazine (LBM), announced today that he is  resigning his position effective immediately to accept responsibility as senior editor of a premier online alternative media outlet.

For the past year Wylie has served as served LBM in several capacities, including event photographer, writer, and editor.  “I am grateful for the experience gained from working with a publication of such excellence as LBM and I’ll always be grateful to Adeilson George for allowing me the opportunity to work with LBM,” Wylie said.  George is the founder and publisher of the monthly magazine.

Wylie credits his time with LBM as having been a unique opportunity to get to know the South Florida Latino Gay community and its’ leaders.  Wylie has become a fixture at countless political, cultural, philanthropic, and social events while representing the magazine.  “I consider it a privilege to have had the chance to get to know so many wonderful and talented people from the Latin Community,” stated Wylie.

Wylie believes that his experiences with LBM will serve him well as he takes over at the helm of the new digital media venture.  “I hope what I’ve learned this past year will allow me to serve the entire Gay South Florida community in a similar capacity,” said Wylie about his new role.  He reports that a team of contributing writers and photographers has been assembled and are working towards a third business quarter launch for the magazine.  Wylie said the magazine will focus on “all that is good within the Gay South Florida community.”  A more detailed announcement about the new magazine will be forthcoming.

Geo Bustamante, writer of the critically acclaimed gay Latino youth oriented column Mis Dos Centavos (My Two Cents) and a LBM photographer, will also be leaving the magazine to join Wylie as an associate editor, photographer, and writer for the new project.  “I am thrilled to partner with David in launching, what I believe will be, South Florida’s premier online Gay Magazine,” stated Bustamante.

Photo:  David L. Wylie (L) and Geo Bustamante (R) launch new online alternative Magazine


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Hey David and Geo,

Good Luck on your new venture! If there's any two people who can make this work, it's Miami's Dynamic Duo! You guys are great!

Buck R.



One time to da fellas, I wish you guys the best of LUCK and I know it will be big, we share a lot of the same views in our community and I'm sure it will show in your magazine. No one knows the ammount of change this project will cause....You know what they say, sometimes the girls can't take it..LOL
Luv Ya Both.

Not that you need it, but best of luck to you David!! With your work and personal ethics, I know this new venture in your career will be a huge success!


Congratulations on the new venture and the best of luck to you both!

You Guys Are Awesome! Nice Job David & Geo nice Tat s You Looking Fine ***! Take Easy Cant wait to see the new Venture!

and why all the "not kissing ass" comments are being deleted?????????
soemone is trying to hise something???????
it's ridiculous. i wouldn'e expect that from someone like you Mr. Rothaus!!!

KevMiami, it's a question of fairness. And it's not fair to post anonymous, vulgar attacks on another reader.

dear mr. Rothaus!
I wrote like that, 'cause it really made me angry, that 2 of my comments were deleted. Of course they were not friendly to mr Wylie, but only because they were telling the truth. I would expect, that someone like you - very well known publicist would rather check with the sources, then post something, that someone simply sent you vis e-mail. you should know, that mr Wylie posted this whole LAMENT on myspace.com over and over, just to get some sympathy from people, and maybe some more encouragement for the new thing.
I really am dissapointed, that this is the way you give "your" news to people.
Well... apparently we know what we get till we find the truth - am i right?
P.S. I wouldn't be surprised if this post will be deleted too!
By the way - there is my email - so you can check its authenticity

Listen Coyote Man,

Sounds like someone is trying to get all up on your d*ck! I hope you will consider taking some advice.

Somebody wiser than me once said, "It's not fair to go into a battle of wits with a weaponless man." Mr. D, don't take the bait! Don't lower yourself to KevMiami's level. Those of us who know you, club with you, and chill with you-we all know the truth. Keep your head held high and don't let this witless fool who hides behind a fake email get you down! We're looking foward to seeing the new magazine! Stay focused and you will have the last laugh. To strike back at this faceless and nameless coward would be a waste of keystrokes and such an unfair fight.

Call me when you're ready to go for a ride on the scooter! :-0

Buck R.


I hope you are enjoying GaySOFLA.com I know said we were all 'fluff' but I hope now you'll just relax and enjoy! We're only a threat if you make us a threat!

David L. Wylie

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