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Mystery flier stirs up Beach commission race

BY TANIA VALDEMORO, tvaldemoro@miamiherald.com

AdA new attack flier hit Miami Beach voters' mailboxes Thursday and shook up the sleepy, four-person race to replace term-limited City Commissioner Matti Herrera Bower.

The flier depics crossed-out images of a blond woman, a pink Teletubby and a dark-skinned doll. Though no names appear on the flier, the images presumably are meant to to represent candidates Linda Grosz, who is blond, Frank Kruszewski, who is gay, and Elsa Urquiza.

''Stop the candidates that represent special groups of voters. Vote for a candidate that will balance our budget and that looks and talks like YOU and that will represent you with brains on the Miami Beach Commission dais,'' the flier states.

Kruszewski, who received a copy of the flier, denounced the attack.

''This type of hatred needs to be denounced by everyone. Anyone that remains silent on this fueling their bigotry and hatred,'' he said.

On Friday, Deede Weithorn, the fourth candidate in the race, denied any involvement in the production and dissemination of the flier.

''Frankly, I think the voters deserve better,'' she said.

The flier is credited as a ''paid political advertisement'' of Citizens For a Sound and Balanced Miami Beach. The group is not registered with the Florida Department of Elections and the Miami Beach mailing address listed on the flier does not exist, according to county property records.


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The address on the flyer is 636 W 51st Terrace, Miami Beach

This address does exist on city records:

Summary Details:Folio No.: 02-3222-022-0300
Property: 636 W 51 TERR

Property Information:Primary Zone: 0100 SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENCE

Has the media contacted this person to see if this is also the address of this organization?

I disagree with this reporter’s assumptions, when she makes the statement of “Though no names appear on the flier, the images presumably are meant to to represent candidates Linda Grosz, who is blond, Frank Kruszewski, who is gay, and Elsa Urquiza”, I think the thoughts behind this bigot is that we must not vote for a GAY person (it could be Frank Kruszewski or Michael Gongora) or a HISPANIC WOMEN ( it could be Matti Herrera Bower or Elsa Urquiza) or a BLOND WOMEN ( it can only be Linda Grosz) in this upcoming elections.

Why don’t we ask ourselves this question? Who is directing the political campaigns against all of these different candidates, the real answer is only one, Mr. Randy Hilliard, the self proclaimed Prince of Darkeness.

The flyer works on both levels: it targets specific candidates and general "special interest" categories (women, LGBTQ persons, and non-Caucasians).

Of course, it fails to consider white straight males as a "special interest" group (which remains the dominant "special interest" group in much of the US). There is still much to be done to break down white male heteronormativity.

the ad sucks.

It is printed poorly. designed poorly and the spanish translation on the reverse side (not shown, but the emails are going around) isn't even properly written.

I would expect any major campaign to do a better job with their ads, especially with some sort of attack ad like this.

I suspect that this was done by some unaffiliated wacko third party (or the guy running for mayor who is an outspoken homophobe as we all saw by his "adam and eve not adam and steve" yard sign)

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