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Sarnoff: I'm not gay and 'my sexual preference is not an issue the voters care about'

Sarnoff_4Is Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff gay and in an arranged marriage? No, says the commissioner. Read the following e-mail exchange between Sarnoff and resident Brent Cutler, released Wednesday by Sarnoff:

From: marc
Sent: Wednesday, January 02, 2008 12:31 PM
To: 'marc'
Subject: FW: Is he really gay? Marc

Brent I have made one of my New Years resolutions to not respond to you emails any longer. As with many New Years resolutions I will break this one and then get back on the wagon.

Over this past year you have sent many hurtful and negative statements about me and my family. Many of the things you claim are fact are simply falsehoods intended to injure and conjure up speculation and hatred. Today you employed more of your vitriolic hatred that you are conjuring in your caldron of fire. In the past you have relied upon your next door neighbor Frank Rollason, to come up with your stories but how have you come up with today’s lie, stating fiction as fact. How as a man, who lives in your circumstance and in your position would you even place this lie on the wire?

Let me state that bringing the persons sexual preference to bear in a conversation is not only wrong, but it denigrates all the progress we as a tolerant society have made. It reminds me of the Boy who cried Wolf. When the Wolf arrives no one believes them. Equally when race is brought into an issue and it is not present it belies the credibility of the story teller the next cry for wolf. No one will believe their stories. You demonstrate today that we have a great deal more to achieve as a society before we can call ourselves tolerant. As long as one of you is out there we have much prejudice to stamp out and in time we will.

What my sexual preference is not an issue the voters care about. I can assure you that I am a happy married man who has never cheated on his wife. The Grove neither cares what my preference is nor that of the Upper Eastside, downtown or Wynwood. I know that you new mode of operation is to blind carbon copy e-mailers as if they are the only one who received this communication, case in point below, and I know that you have published this email all across your email lines.

It is my hope and desire that by publishing this response all those who have any semblance of self respect or that of unity will ask that they immediately remove themselves from your email list, leaving your hatred to seethe within your own mind with no one to read it.

You have no facts and merely throw things up to see what sticks. You are a hater and an opposer who cares none for the truth and only seeks to promote yourself, and your allies’ disturbed agenda.

Do not respond to this email as I will be back on the wagon from this day forward. I will not open or listen to anyone like you or one of your associates.

Try a New Years resolution: “Take note of who you are and look deep into the Looking Glass Mirror.”

Commissioner Marc Sarnoff


From: Brent Cutler
Sent: Monday, December 31, 2007 12:58 PM
Subject: Fw: Is he really gay?

How have you been? Hope you had a nice holiday season and will have a great New Year?

What is all this stuff going around about Marc being 'gay' with an arranged marriage? Is there any truth to that? If there is do you think it has something to do with his 'trust-fund'?

Do you think he would not have the support from the Grovites if they knew he was gay?

Anyway....have a great New Year!



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Is this the stupidest politician in America or WHAT?? This reads like a Saturday Night Live skit. One of the less funny ones!
This guy is so conflicted and deeply-closeted he can't decide what to say.
I am not gay
It doesn't matter if I AM gay
The voters might like me more now that they know I AM gay.
Banging my law partner (the only person around who's any more obviously gay!) is NOT SEX because there is no vagina involved (not that I'd know what to do with one anyway!)

He's right, I couldn't care less. And anyone who would obviously has a life void of any meaning relative to themselves or their family.

But he HIRED a woman to pose as his wife! And she is still escorting him to functions and parties.
If this were 1902 or even 1955, I could understand.
But today, this is psychotic behavior.

Angela and Walker, shame on you!

Commissioner Sarnoff responds to a jerk, and what do you two do? You criticize him and not the jerk of a consituent!

What class you have.

It's not clear to me who's a jerk. Sure it's rude to poke into someone's private life, but Sarnoff is a PUBLIC OFFICIAL who packaged and presented himself to us as a specific person...a happily-married man. Now it turns out that that very well may be a lie. And you know how it is with liars and their lies. It becomes a habit. If they lie about one thing, it's so easy to lie about other things.

All of this about Marcs "contract marriage" was confirmed by a woman that he tried to get to enter into a "contract marriage" before his current "contract wife," Teresa Forestal. This other woman said that she actually considered it, sighting that she would have been set for life financially, but ultimately she could not bring herself to live a lie. Teresa Forestal was Sarnoff's second choice for a "contract wife." Perhaps this other woman will sell her story to the media and she can supplement her income that way.

Who was Marcs first choice for his contract wife?
Does anyone know her name?

I think her name was Audrey.

please be advised, that I worked for Mr. Sarnoff and have known Mr. Sarnoff since 1987, never seen any questionable issues, only a person that is very dedicated and comitted to his career, always proffesional, and a very good person...please dont give that jerk the satisfaction is obvious, he is either envious, maybe gay and cant have Mr Sarnoff, or God knows what his got up his alley, there are weird people out there who is to know what Brents reasons are for trying to hurt Mr. Sarnoffs reputation????? ask me I worked, and have known him on a profesional basis for many years, I think I would have seing something if there was something to see, dont waste your time with Mr Brents, is obvious something is terribly wrong with him.

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