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TruthWinsOut: Ted Haggard’s Inability To Go From Gay To Straight Was Predictable

News release:

TruthWinsOut.org Hopes Haggard Will Come To A Place of Self-Acceptance

HaggardNEW YORK - TruthWinsOut.org said Ted Haggard's inability to go from gay to straight was no surprise and indicative of these failed programs. Haggard entered an intensive "restoration" process after he was fired from New Life Church and resigned as head of the National Association of Evangelicals in 2006 amid allegations that he had an affair with a male prostitute.
"As far as predictions go, the failure of Haggard's 'ex-gay' program was not exactly like picking the New York Giants over the undefeated New England Patriots in the Super bowl," said TruthWinsOut.org's Executive Director Wayne Besen. "It is pretty much a given that these programs don't work and we hope Haggard comes to a genuine place of love and self-acceptance." 
Thursday afternoon, the antigay New Life Church of Colorado Springs announced that the Rev. Ted Haggard had quit the church's five-year "spiritual restoration" process. He agreed to five years of ex-gay rehabilitation in January 2007 -- and one of his mentors claimed just three weeks later that Haggard was "completely heterosexual." Haggard then embarrassed New Life leaders when he requested donations while he sought a degree in counseling. The donations were to be collected by Families with a Mission, a Colorado non-profit run by Paul Huberly, a twice-convicted registered sex offender.
On Tuesday, New Life said Haggard will maintain an undefined "accountability relationship" with Phoenix pastor Tommy Barnett, who had already served on the New Life restoration team. Throughout the scandal, New Life has failed to explain how ex-gay prayer or counseling could turn Haggard -- or anyone else -- straight.
"It is time for conservative churches to admit that their approach to homosexuality is an experiment that has failed," said TWO's Besen. "How many lives will be shattered, families destroyed and careers ruined before the religious right accepts gay people for who they are?" 
TruthWinsOut.org is a non-profit organization that counters right wing propaganda, exposes the "ex-gay" myth and educates America about gay life. For more information, visit www.TruthWinsOut.org.


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C'mon people! You're gay you're gay. You want to be bisexual, fine by me but don't claim one minute your being banged by a man and the next your banging women. By the way, banging a woman doesn't mean your straight....just shows you have some balls.

I worked for a high-profile ministry and the things that went on behind the scenes! Those who were placed in key positions of power protected and promoted The Big Guy at all costs and made sure his hands and reputation were kept clean from the dirty work they did on his behalf. None of the lower staff drones were allowed contact with him lest they let slip any tidbits of troubled conscience that might blow the lid off his fantasy. That way if ever publicly or privately confronted he could deny all knowledge of the unethical and ungodly manipulations done for him. The world was told it was all for the glory of Jesus but in reality it was all for the glory of The Big Guy. Many of us stayed thinking we could influence change from the inside but left when we found we could not. It is very difficult to prove to those outside what was common knowledge to those inside. It takes staff members in key positions of power willing to out things. Look how many years it took for some of those key people in ORU to get fed up enough to talk. I hope and pray some in the ministry I was part of will one day do the same.

Dear Former Staff member: I need confirmation in my own case with ministry work. Could you be a little more specific with letting the cat out of the bag. thanks

I mean without letting the cat out of the bag.

While I agree with the general tone of the article and I don't believe Ted Haggard can be counseled to be straight, it is pretty reckless of someone like Wayne Besen to comment on the success or failure of Ted Haggard's restoration process. It's a pretty personal matter and yet Mr. Besen is making comments on the process as if he were there and intimately familiar with the process. What qualifies him to categorize the process as a failure? Does he have access to Ted Haggard's personal counseling files?

Mr Haggard is gay. The issue is some of the church not all of the church wants to believe he has been "delivered". If you are gay you are gay that is it. You can not change..you may try but you can't. Others may try to change you but they can't. It is like the old saying " If you think you can marry someone and change them you can not." I speak form experience. I am gay. I am a Christian. I traveled the nations preaching denying I was gay. However, I faced my own coming out of the closet. Now I am free to say yes I love God, yes I am a Christian, and yes I am gay. If you ever read this Ted Haggard..don't torture yourself or your family admit who you are, deal with it and go on. But beware those who can not receive you may bite you in the rear including your soon to be x wife..they love to do that. The reason? The love they preach they can not walk in when they themselves harbor hatred in their own soul for men and women who will not give them what they want which is " a delivered homosexual man or woman ". It is so funny that straight men who think they can relate to a gay man and help him learn to have straight sex and say looking in a mirror " You are not gay..YOu are not gay..you are not gay..." but then when you think about sex with a woman it turns you totally off...and when you think about having romantic passionate sex with a hot man well you have to look in the mirror and say to yourself " YOU are SO gay ".

Ted knows God loves him, but hates his sin All we can do is pray, I am very concerned about his wife and children, where are they? What is new news, it is 2009 Is he at another Church?

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