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Unity Coalition to rally in Miami to support first gay pride march in Cuba

News release:



Unity Coalition/Coalición Unida, AMBIENTE Magazine & Club Azúcar organize a Support Rally in Miami

Havana, Cuba ... On June 25 starting at ten o'clock, the first ever Cuban Gay Pride march under the slogan "You are not alone" will take place in Havana for the liberation and respect of sexual diversity in Cuba.

The Cuban Commission on Human Rights for people with HIV and Sexual Races, the Cuban League against AIDS, Elena Mederos Foundation, The Foundation LGTB Reinaldo Arenas in Memoriam, Elena Mederos Foundation, the Cuban Movement for Gay Liberation, the Havana Transsexual Collective, Havana LGTB Cultural Center and the Organization of Gay Political Presidio Reinaldo Arenas are all expected to participate in this march.

These independent Cuban civil society organizations will gather at the central park "Don Quixote" in the neighborhood of Vedado, located at 23 and J streets, a place frequented by Havana's gay community. From there they will depart to the Ministry of Justice with the goal of delivering their demands to the Castro government. These include the cessation of violence and repression against Cuban homosexuals.

They will also ask that the current agent Raúl Castro apologize to the Cuban people for the introduction in the 60's of UMAP concentration camps (Military Units to Aid Production) that were created by the dictator Fidel Castro, to suppress and punish homosexuals and the religious youth who opposed his Marxist ideology.

They also demand the recognition of expulsions of many from educational think tanks and jobs simply because of their sexual orientation and a review of court cases against homosexuals in prison for the offence of Dangerous Levels. It is also known that it is common practice to arrest and fine the gay community across the country.

Another of claims that will make these young people in the Ministry of Justice is to ask for the improvement of the appalling conditions for patients who survive HIV AIDS and prisoners with the disease concentrated in four prisons throughout the country.

Moreover, they want to draw attention to the political prisoner Jordanys Tamayo Aldama jailed in the Kilo 7 prison in Camagüey for upholding the right to freedom of association in public spaces.

Tamayo Aldama, is serving a sentence of seven years' imprisonment for the crime of contempt towards the figure of Fidel Castro, because he dared to say publicly that the dictator is homophobic.  The latest information on this political prisoner is that he is on a hunger strike.
The marchers seek to demonstrate the political character of the project of the National Center for sex education in Cuba, led by Mariela Castro.
After presenting their demands those attending the march will proceed to a diplomatic residence where they will conduct a press conference followed by a musical concert.

In Miami, the organization Unity Coalition/Coalicion Unida and Ambiente Magazine will be supporting the First Gay Pride March in Cuba with an information center located at Miami's Club Azúcar, located at 2301 SW 32nd Avenue in Miami.  This center, open from 10am in the morning, will serve as a central point for South Florida's Gay Community to join in solidarity with their Cuban brothers, sisters & independent organizations who will be making history.  At 5:30 pm at Azúcar there will be a community rally & announcements to report the progress of the Cuban March. 

For more information about the event in Miami or media credentials, please contact Ron at 786-356-1665 or www.unitycoalition.org, www.coalicionunida.org or www.ambiente.us

Other organizations, including those of Cuban exiles will also be supporting the gay community on the island.

Organizations defending the rights of homosexuals and transsexuals are common in many countries around the world, like the celebration of festivals and parades of "gay pride". But the Cuban government does not allow the emergence of groups or allow conducting events that are not under their control.


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Happy to hear that this is happening in Cuba but at the same time a bit afraid of the consequences for those participating.
God! I hope it all goes well!
It would be such an amazing milestone for that country.

I am very proud and happy this march is takeing place~will Raul step up to the plate/ the Doughts are in. I would love to be at Azucar, but must work. I am a hiv/aids counsler here in Miami specializing in Outreach to newly diagnosed patients, I also have been pos for 27 years so this is a need in Cuba for no matter how many times I have heared that AIDS care in Cuba is great that is crap~it is allways a discrimination and outcastisim to bring the people down~sincerly KDR

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