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Poll: Florida's gay marriage amendment falling short of 60 percent threshold

BY MARY ELLEN KLAS, meklas@MiamiHerald.com

Sixty-one percent of poll respondents say they have a favorable view of Gov. Charlie Crist, compared to 25 percent who say he's doing a poor job.TALLAHASSEE -- Gov. Charlie Crist continues to ride high job approval ratings, according to a new poll from Quinnipiac University, but the luck's not as good for the ballot amendment he supports -- the measure to ban gay marriages.

Florida voters are satisfied with the governor's performance, with 61 percent saying they have a favorable view of Crist, compared to 25 percent who say he's doing a poor job. But he isn't on the ballot this year and the proposal on the November ballot to enshrine in the state Constitution a definition that marriage is between a man and a woman falls short of the 60 percent approval threshold.

Voters support Amendment 2 by 55-41 percent, with Republicans favoring it 76-21 percent while Democrats oppose it 51-45 percent.

Two of three other amendments, which were stripped off the November ballot last week by the Florida Supreme Court, also appeared in trouble before voters. The poll was taken from Sept. 2-4 and began before the high court tossed the amendments. But two nights of polling showed that Amendment 5, which would have eliminated property taxes that pay for schools and replace them with a sales tax and other revenues, was supported by 51-39 percent -- also short of the 60 percent needed for passage.

Amendment 9, which was intended to give at least 65 percent of public school funds to the classroom, also would have opened the door to any state-sanctioned private school vouchers. It was supported by 65 percent of voters, with 24 percent opposed, according to the poll.

Another proposal, Amendment 7, which would have eliminated the century-old ''no aid'' provision that bans the use of state money for religious institutions, also fell short of approval, with voters opposed to it 57-38 percent.


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lol, Charlie Crist "supports" an anti-gay marriage amendment? Hmmm, I guess that means he and his significant other must have had a tiff.

Give peace a chance -- peace among Americans.
Stop voting. Stop feeding the rats.
Start here:

LOL! Charlie, YOU have been DIVORCED, you also have been engaged to FIVE different woman and YOU want to take a stand on marriage? Give me a break. You are not an expert. And by the way, the state with the LOWEST DIVORCE RATE in the ENTIRE country is Massachusetts, the FIRST state to allow gay marriage. I would think that Massachusetts knows what they are doing. Since the passage of the law in Massachusetts, all families are closer and more secure than ever. It is interesting that Sarah Palin did not support teen age moms but now that it is her daughter that got pregnant, "Bristol is a courageous young lady". Give me a break. ALL American families should be respected. We all pay taxes and we all deserve Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. I hope all Floridians will say No on question 2.

Charlie Crist has his head in the sand. Most of us know about his relationship with Kathryn Harris' aide. Crist should stop acting like a hypocrite. I guess he's afraid that the "holy rollers" in the middle of the state won't reelect him. Wake up Charlie. Most of us are far more understanding than those right-wing extremist yo-yos.

How can a gay man support such a hateful amendment. How about doing something about this states warped tax system? Frankly I am more concerned with how much money I am paying in property tax as compared to old timers who pay far less for being older than I am about who marries who.

The governor should devote his time TO WHAT HE WAS ELECTED TO DO WHICH WAS to resolve the dire fiscal situation that faces this state (goog job Jebby!) If he is so Christian he should dutifully keep attending church on sundays and stop using his office to favor bigotry and hate... By the way when is the wedding? or he is waiting to call it off now that momma Moose is the sexy VPILF?

It is a shame that political pressure from the Republican parties extreme religious right wing have the Governor becoming a hypocrite.

Did anybody notice when the governor held a press conference yesterday or the day before on the impending hurricane Ike, that Mario Diaz Balart who stood behind the Governor, kept shifting inch by inch closer to the Governor? It was so funny to watch this idiot. Inch by inch he would scoot closer to the governor so he could be seen on TV. It was hilarious.

that's right Jonathan, but LDB is our idiot whether u like it or not...thanks 4 bringing a smile 2 my face


Ask Crist to sign the petition:

what is this, the 12th century? this is absurd!

Such a sad, pathetic man; those rumors of Crist
being gay must be true, because I noticed how
quickly he was rushing to get married so that
he would be an acceptable vice presidential running mate.
Looks like he's just another sad, pathetic
soul desperately trying appear to be something
that he is not--straight. He's obviously one of
those fools who is stupid enough to believe that
there is a "God."

The Republican special interest "God's Own Party" will take the US back to the Stone Ages. Get ready to start dragging your knuckles and thinking the world is flat. That's what your kids will be taught in a NCLB school not long after evolution curricula is banned and creationism/fear of the Big Man in the Sky is required learning.

Married legally in Canada for two years.... Gay marriage is such a NON issue in this country-that's why I left my dear USA and happy to pay my taxes here now.... every one does their thing, no flag waving, no demonstrations, no issues....

Here in North Miami we have a gay mayor and a gay city councilman. The sun still rises in the easet, sets in the west, and everybody gets along.

This country needs a drastic change in direction - from the economy, foreign relations, health care, the environment, etc. Fellow Floridians, let us not forget how the Republican party stole the election in 2000 by rigging our home state's electorate.

Vote for real Change - Vote Obama/Biden 2008!!

That's richest. The gayest man in Florida wanting to ban same-sex marriage. I'm so glad I left that backwards state years ago. It has gone down the toilet thanks to the fundamentalists who've taken it over.

What's so annoying about this is that there is already a law banning gay marriage in Florida. This one is to be used only to legalize descrimination, which is a waste of time and money anyway because it will just go to the Supreme Court where they will rule it unconstitutional anyway.
I am so glad that the subject of churches telling their parishioners who to vote for is finally going to the Supreme Court. Churches that take political views and express them to their congregation should be made to pay taxes - that would shut them up in a hurry!

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