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'Havana Bourgeois' coming to Coral Gables Miracle Theatre in May

From Danny Bellas of Los Angeles:

Carlos_2 Carlos LaCamara (pictured) is one of America's most talented playwrights and one of his great works, Havana Bourgeois is coming to South Florida - Coral Gable's Miracle Theatre (May 2009). This timely and riveting play by this super talented Cuban-American writer is almost certain to be one of Miami's best, ever. One, if not the most important reason for such success will be the gay character he penned in this play which takes place in an advertising agency in the 1950's. Carlos was nominated for a GLAAD award because of the incredible dignity and respect he bestowed to this character. This type of great writing transcends any and all cultural boundaries as the universal themes apply to everyone - gay or straight.

Playwright Carlos LaCamara speaks about Havana Bourgeois,the tragedy the comedy and something for everyone.

Havana Bourgeois -- synopsis

ALBERTO VARELA is a young, talented commercial artist
on the verge of getting the life he always wanted a big
promotion, nice house, beautiful wife. Then Revolution

Alberto supports Fidel Castro. Fidel has promised to
restore democracy and end the corruption that keeps hard
working people like himself from getting ahead. But as the
Revolution evolves, the changes grow more radical. The
workers kick out the agency's wealthy owner and elect the
black messenger boy, MANUEL, president of the company.
Manuel tries to inspire socialistic harmony while business
dries up and executions play on television.

Alberto had befriended Manuel before the Revolution
and taught the young man about Fidel's movement. Now
Manuel wants Alberto to join the Revolutionary Party, but
Alberto finds it increasingly difficult to reconcile his
progressive ideals with his crumbling middle class lifestyle.
When his mentor, PANCHITO, is killed for insulting
Fidel (and being gay), Alberto colludes with anti-Castro
insurgents in order to get his family out of Cuba. Manuel
learns of Alberto's betrayal and now has a difficult choice
to make: Does he do his patriotic duty and report Alberto?
Or does he allow his friend to escape?

Set in an advertising agency, HAVANA BOURGEOIS,
explores the impact of Fidel Castro's Revolution on the
Cuban middle class.


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