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Light Up The Night For Equality gay protest to be Saturday night on Lincoln Road

Join the Impact, the coalition that organized national protests after the general elections in November, is planning a new demonstration for Saturday night. The details are here in a local invitation from SAVE:

This Saturday, December 20th, you are invited to LIGHT UP THE NIGHT FOR EQUALITY on the corner of Lincoln Road and Washington Avenue, in South Beach. This demonstration will be one of many taking place in cities and towns all across the nation, in remembrance of the civil marriage rights that were taken away on November 4th, and in honor of the future of equality that is to come.

We will begin gathering at 6:45pm, and at 7:00pm, we will stand united in a silent, candlelit protest. We will not yell, instigate, or chant - but we will be visible to our community and neighbors.

Please bring along a long-burning candle (preferably with a wind guard). A flashlight would work too. Extra candles / flashlights to share, if possible, and homemade "2nd Class Citizen" t-shirts are encouraged.

For more information, go to www.JoinTheImpact.com, or find us on MySpace or Facebook by searching for Light Up The Night for Equality.

SAVE is a non-profit organization supported
by contributions from the community.

About SAVE
Safeguarding American Values for Everyone (SAVE) advocates for equal rights for all people regardless of their sexual orientation, and educates the community about human rights with emphasis on issues affecting the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community.  Established in 1993, SAVE strives to accomplish this mission through education, grassroots organizing, community mobilization and advocacy.  Starting with the landmark passage of Miami's Human Rights Ordinance in 1998 to recent enactments of domestic partner benefit policies, SAVE continues to lead the fight for LGBT equality in Miami-Dade County.

12864 Biscayne Blvd., Ste. 338  l  North Miami, FL 33181  l  305.751.7283 o  l  305.751.9649 f

http://www.savedade.org l savedade@savedade.org

"2008 Not for Profit of the Year"  l  Miami-Dade County Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce


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Can someone please explain to me what exactly it is gays are protesting. Are you protesting the results of a free and fair election? Well, that is called democracy. Are you protesting that most folks don't think like you and agree with you? Well, if you want to ask people to be tolerant of your individuality, you have to be tolerant of their's even when they don't agree with you.

So what exactly are these protests doing other than causing our towns and municipalities to close streets and pay overtime for cops so they can monitor your protests instead of arrest criminals?

Get a clue because this is no way to win friends and influence people.

Here is a clue for the Surgeon General.....We live in the United States of America. "All men are created equal" is the basic premise our government was founded on. Straight people have an option to get married. Gay people DO NOT have that option. With the legal contract of marriage comes many legal benefits that are not available to gay people. Gay people work and pay taxes and live in a free society were one group of people (straight) have legal rights (taxes, health care, immigration, estate, etc) that gay people DO NOT have.

Even if the majority wants to discriminate against any group, our US constitution is supposed to protect EVERYONE against discrimination....

Many years ago blacks were not allowed to vote, and white people were not allowed to black people.....and although the MAJORITY voted for those laws, our courts agreed that this was in violation of the US constitution.

I would love to see how "TOLERANT" the Surgeon General would be if his basic rights were being trampled on?

Thank you, Surgeon General is an Idiot.

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