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South Florida, national gay activists feud with popular DJ Rauhofer

BY STEVE ROTHAUS, [email protected]

Sexy Popular DJ Peter Rauhofer enraged local gay activists last fall when he produced a South Beach "Main Event" dance party in direct competition with White Party Week's Noche Blanca AIDS fundraiser.

Now, national gay activists are angry with Rauhofer: He is reprising his Main Event party at Mansion on March 1 opposite the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force's Winter Party Orbit fundraiser at Cameo.

"It hurts the community. That's what it comes down to,'' said Chad Richter of Miami Beach, festival chairman of this year's Winter Party. "We have volunteers who are working hard all year long. To have someone who is also gay and is doing a competing event, it's almost hard for a lot of people to believe."

Austrian-born Rauhofer, pictured above on his Sexy album, did not respond to several Miami Herald e-mails requests for comment.

Winter Party began in Miami Beach in 1994 with a one-day beach dance event off Ocean Drive. It helped finance a new foundation to benefit local gay groups. The Task Force bought the event, as well as the foundation's annual autumn recognition dinner, after the fundraising group went under in 2004.

The Task Force agreed to keep two-thirds of all net profits from the events in Miami-Dade County, giving the money to the Dade Community Foundation's GLBT Community Project Fund.

In 2008, the Task Force donated $180,000 to the community fund. Beneficiaries included the Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Pridelines Youth Services, YES Institute for gay youth and SAVE, Miami-Dade County's leading gay-rights group.

Last year's Winter Party Sunday night dance event attracted 1,728 participants and netted the local community fund $50,628, spokesman David Orchard said.

WORK5X7BACKWITHOUTBLEED Now the Task Force fears that some partygoers will choose Rauhofer's party -- and that none of their money will be donated back to the local gay community.

"Every ticket sale that goes to the competing event is a 100 percent loss for us," Orchard said.

That's a likely scenario, said Rick Siclari, executive director of Care Resource, Florida's largest AIDS service agency.

Last fall, Care Resource took a fundraising hit when hundreds of revelers chose Rauhofer's Nov. 30 party at Mansion over White Party's at Cameo.

During the White Party controversy last fall, Rauhofer posted a response on his MySpace blog: "Over the past 10 years, I've supported my services and donated lots of money to White Party only to continuously get mistreated and disrespected by Ric Siclari, who runs that questionable organization. I've experienced numerous instances of extremely unprofessional treatment in the form of bounced checks, hotels not booked/not paid, flights & ground transportation not provided, and it has even gotten to the point where I've had to have my lawyer chase them (for 8 months!) for non-paid deejay fees. .... Still, after all the consistent mistreatment, I've continued to spin for White Party as I wanted to contribute to the good "cause" and not disappoint my fans."

Baloney, says Siclari.

"The guy came into town and capitalized on what is a longstanding charity weekend for us," Siclari said. "He hurt us terribly. He split the crowd that night. About 700 attended his event and we had 800 at our event."

Even several Care Resource clients attended Rauhofer's party, Siclari said.

"It's time for this community to take a really hard look at themselves and see what's in their own best interest,' he said.


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How is such a pronographic topic allowed in what used to be a reputable paper

Obviously you read it....was it the pictures of the hot boy that caught your eye? A better question is how is such an illiterate retard able to read such a reputable paper? Its pornographic, not pronographic retard.

DJ Rauhofer is so gay for doing that.

who the heck cares, i thought you this was an article about morons whining like they always do...oh wait it is

My lover & I, plus all of our friends have supported White Party & Care Resource year after year. I have been hearing horrible reports on how the clients of Care Resource are being denied services or being made to jump through hoops to prove eligibility & once they do they are still denied. Case Manager's not accepting calls or returning call from clients. Also we are told that a vast majority of money generated from the White Party which is basically a 100% gay event is going to other segments of the community which loath the gay community. So let me get this "straight" money that is generated by the gay community to go to an organization which is suppose to assist persons living with HIV/AIDS is being denied service and being told that CR is tapped out of funds and they are not able to accept them at that current time. Rick Siclari your time has come and gone it is time for you to do the right thing and step down and allow someone else to take control of that organization. When you are causing more harm than good by your position there then the board needs to get rid of you. I think the Elton John AIDS charity is doing much better work with a paid staff of 8 on a national level than you guys on a local level. I will never EVER support CR again until Rick Siclari is out of there. A long time Florida Resident.

Bye Bye Rick you Prick. Nasty and has zero loyalty to the business supporters of White Party. White Party has a black cloud over its head and the Nation has taken notice and refusing to support anymore.

It sounds to me from these post that People are coming together and letting their voice be heard. I must admit I too have heard unflattering things about Care Resource and the utter lack of care and professionalism. I guess we could raise money for Ryan White. Rick Siclair is like Rod Blagojevich who is the ONLY ONE who thinks he is doing a good job, but everyone clearly sees he is not. Talk is Cheap... I am sure you all have heard that before. Go to Care Resource and ask the clients who are going in what they think of the place.

It is sad that an artist like Rauhofer has become so greedy as to steal away money from wonderful charities like Care Resources and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

The owners of Mansion are equally guilty of such despicable behavior.

Anyone who attends the events should also be ashamed.

"It's time for this community to take a really hard look at themselves and see what's in their own best interest"?

I think the community is already doing that, by showing a shifting in their support towards organizations, events and initiatives, that they find or perceive more credible, trusting, and worth their money, time investment and collaborating efforts (oh, yes, and also more enjoyable entertainment-wise!) than others.

More power to the community!

I think some competition is great! The Winter/White parties have been raising money all these years and they haven't been able to put together a gay pride day, any political marches, or hang the rainbow flags on Miami Beach up until this past year and this year! The gay community in Miami is dead. I think its great that others are mixing things up. It's desperately needed to get rid of some of the old, conservative guard. It's boring to have the same ol same ol.

I aggree with the comment by BOBO my nephew is a client of Care Resources and during last years white party everyone was too busy planning the white party to give quality care. They seem to hire second rate medical staff also.

Most non-profits are trying to get away from event-based fundraising. It's expensive, time-consuming and ultimately becomes an end in itself. Why don't gay groups grow up and start working on planned giving, building endowments, foundation grants, corporate grants or better yet -- the real source of money in S Fla -- the uber-wealthy entrepreneurial class. This White Party is like a 21st gay version of some Junior League gala in Atlanta in the 60s.

Rick Siclari has abused his power for too long as the head of Care Resource. The organization needs to kick his sorry ass! He is a disgrace to the Gay community.

Ok, so perhaps there is good reason to place blame on Care Resources' current management. However, they still provide vital services for the HIV+ population of the county. If Rauhofer is truly so motivated to contribute to the gay community, he should agree to donate at least half of the proceeds from his party to local HIV/AIDS provision groups or to supplement Ryan White funding locally.

I feel terrible now for going to Mansion during White Party. I thought I was supporting the gays, who did I support?

Do not confuse Winter Party with White Party. They are completely different organizations.

Secondly, Rick Siclari has no affiliation with Winter Party. NONE!

And finally- for those that feel competition "is great"- Would it be great for someone to have a for-profit event competing against Make-A-Wish? How about a Cancer fundraiser competing against a for-profit event? How about if you were holding a benefit event to raise money to help provide medical services to your Mom or Dad? Still ok for someone to have an event across the street from yours and line their pockets with the money you hoped would help your family-just because they can?

Competition is good for FOR-profit events. Not a for-profit against a charity event. It is just kind of sleezy. But you know, that's the Florida way.

Time to take action against Peter Rauhofer and his scummy ways.


Go to www.boycottdjpeterrauhofer.com to learn more.

Make your friends aware that going to the Rauhofer event at Mansion on March 1st will take money away from a large number of needy local charities.

Peter Rauhofer & Offer Nissim are the BIGGEST gay deejays out there.
Shame on White & Winter Party for being so dumb, clueless and greedy NOT to book them for their "fundraisers"..
If you fear competition WHY not teaming up with them? Its THAT simple.

I can't believe the 'gay community' is so up in arms over some DJ throwing a party on the same night as a fundraiser for Care Resource. Why doesn't the Miami Herald and the local gay media do a story about Care Resource Executive Compensation, How much of every dollar raised from the White Party actually goes to HIV Prevention/AIDS Care, a complete accounting of the Care Resource financial records and the sanity of throwing a party where the drug and sex fused behavior exhibited by the attendees at just one event probably does more to spread HIV/AIDS than Care Resource will ever be able to raise funds to 'care for' with a decade of White Parties. Why isn't the local gay and mainstream media asking these questions? Oh yeah, White Party does a lot of advertising! The DJ Peter Rauhofer Brouhaha is nothing more than a Red Herring being used to distract the gay community from the real issues.

Oh..and what I forgot to clarify is Ric Siclari's comment: "He split the crowd that night. About 700 attended his event and we had 800 at our event."
Siclari just loves to lie about numbers (especially when it comes to his "I don't Care Resource" financials..)
It was furthermore 300 ppl @ Cameo and 2000 @ Mansion. Peter Rauhofer offered people another choice and the gay community clearly responded.

Here is a video which proves Ric Siclari's lies...

How about asking the Elton John Aids Foundation if Rauhofer actually gave the money he said he would from his competing White Party event. No mention of it on his website, no press about a generous donation. I think that money went right in his pocket and stayed there. You may not like Care Resources, but the money does get donated.

Rauhofer must be good. It is great to see how helpless all these Miami charity clowns are and how they have no power over him.
Talent is talent.

There is also a site www.boycottwinterparty.com coming with insight of their shady business tactics...

White or Winter Party shouldn't blame Rauhofer for them providing lausy events with second class deejays AND on top charging a fortune for that crap.
A reason why numbers went extremely downhill throughout the last years for both organizations.
They should thank Rauhofer instead for reviving these weekends and attracting the masses again to South Beach. They will only benefit from Rauhofer's crowd now.

How depressing to see some of the ridiculous comments criticizing "charity clowns" and charity-minded people. The people who volunteer their time and money for the good of the community deserve to be THANKED, not berated. I'm sure there are some bad apples, but to criticize all people with a charitable/volunteer impulse is idiotic and hateful.

This is what bothers me about South Florida. There are plenty of good, politically-aware, charitably-minded people here. They (we) try to do what we can to build community. But there are too many self-absorbed, not-very-smart, misanthropic people who haven't got a clue what it means to do something good for others. (The aptly-named "Fidel Castro" above seems to be one of them.)

Peter Rauhoffer was right when he mentioned in his press release how these charity organizations will do everything in their power to destroy his image in public if he dares to not be co-operative.
This article here is best prove of their lousy smear campaign.
Shame on you Steve Rothaus. But guess what, you only helped Peter promoting his event even more. At the end of the day they all will flock to Mansion just like last time. As someone posted above: Talent is talent.

2000 people supported Peter Rauhofer last time and I am sure they will this time.
He must be doing something right here.

Still no reply from justcircuit.com re: how much money they donated to Broward House and other charities after marketing their Phoenix Rising party using their good names. Hello? Why not post the letter to these organizing outlining your donations guys - WE ARE WAITING!

Nice job Winter Party. Ban justcircuit.com from your event for good - for the good of the party.

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