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Anthony Niedwiecki on election success: 'I could have never done this without the support of my loving husband, Waymon Hudson'

Here's a statement by newly elected Oakland Park Commissioner Anthony Niedwiecki:


Anthony Niedwiecki, a longtime and dedicated LGBT rights advocate, has won his election in Oakland Park, part of the Greater Fort Lauderdale area.  As the top vote getter in the race, Anthony will become Vice Mayor in 2010 and Mayor in 2011.

“I am so pleased and humbled that the voters of Oakland Park have decided to trust me to be their next Commissioner.  The victory speaks to the change that residents in Oakland Park are looking for, and I promise to work my hardest to be the voice on the commission for all residents.

I am so proud of how we ran our campaign.  We never shied away from the issues while remaining true to my principles and who I am as a proud gay man with an amazing husband and family.  I could have never done this without the support of my loving husband, Waymon Hudson. We ran a proud, issue and information driven campaign that let voters know what we hoped to accomplish for our city and they overwhelmingly supported us,” said Niedwiecki.

Niedwiecki also credits the overwhelming 65% victory to the use of new media and social networking- like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and his campaign blog.  The technology allowed him to reach huge numbers of voters to get out his message of progressive change, as well as for fundraising and “Get Out the Vote” efforts.

Niedwiecki, who is a law professor and administrator at Nova Southeastern University,  has a long track record of fighting for the equality and dignity of all people.  With his husband Waymon Hudson, Anthony formed the LGBT rights group Fight OUT Loud after experiencing a startling death threat aimed at gay people over the Fort Lauderdale Airport intercom system.  He also fought side-by-side with other activists as they organized a massive response to the bigoted words of Mayor Naugle of Fort Lauderdale, including holding the largest unity rally at City Hall that Fort Lauderdale had ever experienced, as well as getting Naugle removed from his post on the Tourism Development Council.

Anthony has also traveled to the Florida State Capitol with their foster son to testify and push for the overturning of the state’s ban on gays and lesbians adopting.  He fought to protect the rights and benefits of thousands of families across Florida by actively opposing and speaking out against Amendment 2, from traveling to speak at town hall forums and debates to writing extensively on the legal impact of the amendment.  Niedwiecki has also been a leader in Oakland Park and Broward County by fighting for the expansion of non-discrimination policies to include both sexual orientation and gender identity and expression, as well as being involved in hate crime education and awareness.

“I have always fought for the equality of all people.  I have seen firsthand both the damage and the good political leaders can do at every level of government.  We must have leaders that not only solve the everyday issues facing our cities, like the failing economy and plunging home prices, but also create an atmosphere of respect and equality that all people can thrive in,” said Niedwiecki.

Anthony was endorsed by a large and diverse number of groups, including the AFL-CIO, the American Black Caucus, the Victory Fund, Metro Broward Firefighters Local 3080, Florida Professional Firefighters, Florida Carpenter’s Regional Council PAC, and Equality Florida Action PAC.


Photo: Anthony's husband Waymon Hudson, Anthony Niedwiecki, Anthony's parents, Judy Niedwiecki and Ron Niedwiecki


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