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Gay activist Anthony Niedwiecki to become Oakland Park mayor

ActivistsBroward law professor and gay activist Anthony Niedwiecki has won a seat on the Oakland Park city commission. I first wrote about Niedwiecki and his partner, Waymon Hudson, in 2007 when they led a campaign against Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle.

Here's the announcement about Niedwiecki's victory emailed by Dolphin Democrats:

Anthony has won the election for Oakland Park City Commission!  He also received the most votes in the entire election and will become the mayor of the city!

Thanks for all of the support and help in winning this important election! 

- The Anthony Niedwiecki Campaign

For up-to-date election results, click here.

Waymon Hudson and Anthony Niedwiecki of Oakland Park


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The election of Anthony Niedwiecki in Oakland Park is one bright spot in an otherwise-dismal election season for Broward County's GLBT community. Prof. Niedwiecki (soon to be Mayor Niedwiecki) ran an excellent campaign. He did his political homework, was active in his community, reached out to Oakland Park's diverse constituencies (not just the gay ones) and ran as a candidate who happens to be gay (not as a "gay candidate."). His victory was well-deserved.

Anthony, has been an inspiration to many, who remember when he was a little fish in a big pond. He is not the kind of guy who will forget the little people who helped him get where he is today, because of his fair and honest nature ... Waymon is Anthony's anchor, always there to tow Anthony in, when he needs to be brought to shore... best regards AK

why we honor and revere gay people is baffling to me??? They live a disordered life that is contrary to the laws of nature.

I do not believe people are born gay. I do not believe that there are genes that predispose someone to being gay. That is a very weak attempt to validate their abominable behavior. Someone becoming gay is entirely a result of their environment growing up.

But lets assume that people are born with a predisposition to be attracted to the same sex. That doesn't necessarily grant them license to embrace and act out on what is completely a disordered activity.

Take for example someone who is genetically predisposed to being attracted to farm animals - every time they look at the back end of a sheep - they get all excited. But 99% of intelligent humans realize and understand that these feelings and the activity suggested are grossly disordered and wrong. So they do not give into their urges - even though they may be genetically predisposed to liking sheep.

Following the same gay & lesbian argument - an individual who is attracted to farm animals should be "free" to do whatever they want with the animal because - they were "born that way" and that makes it OK.

Probably not the best example but hopefully it does illustrate that simply because you have urges to insert your member into another man's backside doesn't give you license to do it. And the weak argument that you were "born that way" doesn't validate the disordered activity.

In a proper society where people use reason and intellect - gay and lesbian people rightly should be viewed as strange creatures to be avoided.

And this used to be the case.

Now the major media and weak minded idiots treat them as some types of "martyrs" to be honored and respected.

When the masses begin to honor such a disordered behavior as homosexuality - it just shows that we as a civilization are near the end.

History has providen that civilizations that spiral into lawless immorality such as this - where man takes up with man and woman with woman - eventually are destroyed from within.

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