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Video | Miss Elaine Lancaster goes off on Perez Hilton for calling Miss California the ‘B’ word and the ‘C’ word

Miss Elaine Lancaster asked me to share this video. The South Beach diva is definitely displeased with blogger Perez Hilton for his unkind words about Miss California, Carrie Prejean.


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I really don't get why Perez Hilton is so famous anyway.

Leave it to Elaine to say it with class & style. Wow she is beauty in motion. Love the back drop as well. Give'm hell Mary! Elaine Lancaster for PRESIDENT.


You go Gurl!!!

I wonder if he'll post this on his site?

LOVED it! I just posted it on my blog...she's right - he's ridiculous.

Well said.

Yes, Miss California is a deep-fried MORON and an intolerant one to boot. But no need for nasty name-calling! After all, she skewers HERSELF just by opening her mouth!

i believe in opposite drag queens

I enjoyed this video a lot and Elaine Lancaster is lovely & sweet. I can tell it comes from her heart the way she feels. She should have her own TV show or blog. We over here in Naples, FL want MORE of Elaine, MORE!!

Elaine Lancaster you are FIERCE Miss Thing..! You are heads & shoulders above him in many ways. I hear he lives in a horrible apartment in West Hollywood & eats donuts for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. All of his neighbors hate him. Is that any wonder? Please keep him locked up in a room with his computer & vile self. YUCK!!! What a sorry Loser. Elaine you were spot on.

WURK it GODDESS!!!!!! Kill'em with that syrupy sweet voice of yours. How much would I give to be your man. WoW, you are amazing & more beautiful than that Miss California. ROCK!!

Why are people even talking about that looser Perez? he is a sad excuse for a human & elaine is beautiful but why does Miami make such a huge fuss over her? Maybe i don't mix in those high society circles "she" does but nor do i care too. I guess if i came from a rich family like she did then i could afford fancy clothes & jewelry then i could prance around town.. it is all so silly to me. Our world is falling down around us & Elaine Lancaster is dominating the news. Distraction anyone?

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