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ChristianNewsWire: Homosexuals defame black church for exercising their religious liberty

A news release from ChristianNewsWire:

BRIDGEPORT, Conn., June 25 /Christian Newswire/ -- "Where is the tolerance for a church who tried to help a young man who freely asked for help to overcome homosexual temptations?" asked Dr. Gary Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission. "No church deserves to be maligned for trying to help a troubled teen who asked for prayer."

Manifested Glory Church, a non-denominational black church in Bridgeport, CT, has been under fire ever since a video appeared on the internet of the exorcism of a 16 year old young man who came to the church asking for help. The church holds to the historic, biblical view that homosexual behavior is unnatural and sinful.

"White homosexual activists who demand tolerance for their sexual sin have no right to defame black Christians for practicing their Constitutional religious liberty," said Cass. "As far as we know, this young man went to church on his own prerogative and left the church physically unharmed."
"This church is being unjustly maligned for a spiritual practice that goes all the way back to Christ and the Apostles. The New Testament records very strange activity associated with demonic spirits. Jesus and the Apostles confronted these bizarre situations by praying for deliverance. The fact that the video may be strange or uncomfortable should not be surprising, but it is not a reason to attack people who are simply trying to help," said Cass.

"People have been delivered out of homosexual lifestyles ever since the church began," said Cass.


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Yeah, and white folks had the right to own slaves...

shame on all of you...

you are not rising up and being better than the ones you accuse of holding you back.

you are being just like them...

good to know that you can always find someone to hate and blame.

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