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Submitted commentary | Another color for a rose-colored Cuba?

A commentary provided by writer/activist Walter Lippmann, who has traveled to Cuba since 1999:

Although this article frankly addresses some controversial issues, it provides us with trustworthy, well-organized account of the homosexual pilgrimage in Cuba. As such, it becomes a valuable reference for those interested in the subject matter. 

By Norge Espinosa Mendoza

A CubaNews translation by Mercedes Rosa Diaz. Edited by Walter Lippmann.

(This essay has been distributed through the network in the School of the Arts at the University of Havana.)

1. In Cuba, there is this illusion that all begins anew with the start of a new day. Cubans, trapped in a daily exercise of remembering that is only a different way of forgetting, are victimized by the illusion that there are no antecedents for anything that happens.  For instance, the media attention drawn by Cuba's first public commemoration of World Anti-Homophobia Day would give the impression that before then, there had been no attempts to accomplish what that celebration finally did: provide some visibility and socialization for people who want to become a community, even though it will take far more than 24 hours of libertine debauchery to accomplish this. Overall, the story has been embraced by the press—for good more than ill—and been the focus of numerous commentaries, news stories, articles and discussions. Yet, the coverage has also served to address some of the needs that gay Cubans had come to understand as forbidden. What happened on May 17th (a day on which the country traditionally commemorated the Day of the Farmer—what would Reinaldo Arenas or Samuel Feijóo have said about the coincidence?) is just the tip of an iceberg that has remained submerged too long. As it happens too frequently in Cuba, it remains to be seen if we are capable of showing any more of that iceberg, which up to just recently, was frozen and unseen.

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