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The naked truth about Brooke Hogan's roomie, dancer-choreographer Glenn Douglas Packard

BY STEVE ROTHAUS, srothaus@MiamiHerald.com

5381420 VH1 reality series Brooke Knows Best focuses on Hulk Hogan's 21-year-old daughter, but co-star Glenn Douglas Packard -- Brooke Hogan's gay South Beach roommate -- says we'll see more of his family in the coming weeks. The show's second season premieres Sunday night.

A midseason episode documents Packard's return to hometown Clare, Mich., where the dancer-choreographer -- age 40, but still 30 on his MySpace and Model Mayhem pages -- introduces boyfriend Daniel Miagany to his family back on the farm.

Packard's parents are less than thrilled in the episode, which was  taped earlier this year. "My father wasn't raised in Miami where it's the norm," Packard says. "He grew up in in the country and it's harder for him to understand."

When Packard recently returned to Clare with a DVD of the completed episode, his folks wouldn't watch it, but his brother and sister did.

"That's kind of how my family is," says Packard. ``That's OK."

Packard, Emmy-nominated for choreographing Michael Jackson's 2001 TV special, says "it's funny that I've been thrown into the limelight of the gay world."

"I'm the least likely person. I never focused on my sexual orientation. It's just who I am," he says.

Packard and Brooke have shared a penthouse at Mosaic (paid for by VH1) since the show began a year ago. A third roommate, Ashley Menendez, 22, has moved in.

"Glenn has grown both professionally and personally but most importantly is that he's touched more lives for the better along the way," Hogan said in an e-mail. “[He's] comfortable with himself. He seems to be in a good place, which has made him a more confident person."

Packard says he didn't expect to be involved with one steady person at this stage in his career, but then he met Miagany, "a gay cover model."

"Before Daniel, I thought, `I have a hit show, I'm gay, I'm dating everyone!''' Packard says. “But once I tried that equipment, I knew I wasn't going back."

The couple is trying to launch a project to do together -- a sexy gay calendar, Miagany says. "He wants to do naked pictures, but I say no," says Miagany, 30, who frequently poses near-naked. "Not full frontal. ... Not pornographic, or Playgirlish."

Photography by Dwayne Tucker


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