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TV anchor Charles Perez: Too gay for WPLG?

BY STEVE ROTHAUS, srothaus@MiamiHerald.com

perez photo Charles Perez, bumped two weeks ago from WPLG-ABC 10's weeknight anchor seat, has filed a discrimination complaint with Miami-Dade's Equal Opportunity Board. He's too gay, he claims in paperwork delivered to the county on Friday.

Perez, 46, claims station bosses demoted him to weekend anchor/reporter "because of their discomfort over the increasingly high profile of my sexual orientation," reads the complaint.

The filing summary details Perez's quick descent at Channel 10, which began weeks after a March 3 performance review, when Perez says that WPLG News Director Bill Pohovey told him he was "too anchor-like and too ‘Brian Williams' in my delivery."

On March 16, a private e-mail from Perez written to a family therapist was forwarded to everyone in the reporter's online address book. The e-mail said Perez told the therapist he needed to work through his "gender identity issues."

Three days later, Pohovey called Perez into his office for a "new'' performance review, this time saying that Perez came across "too soft," didn't sound "main anchor-like'' and smiled too much with co-anchor Laurie Jennings. "Like girlfriends."

On April 3, Perez went to court seeking a restraining order against his former partner, Dennis Ricardo Peña, whom he accused of leaking the private e-mail.

Later that month, Perez claims he "began to disappear'' from station promotional spots. He lost the weeknight anchor seat July 22.

Station executives told Miami Herald columnist Joan Fleischman their decision was driven by economics. Perez has asked the station to return him to his weeknight spot -- or buy out his contract, up in 2011.

Pohovey denies Perez's claims: ``This is an outrageous accusation," Pohovey said in a statement. ``As a gay man myself, I can safely say the Station does not discriminate against gay people. Charles' claim that the Station discriminates against gay people is untrue and offensive."


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I am incensed and outraged!

I am SO starting a broohaha over this! Truly ridiculous. Perez is a professional, well versed, poised and effective anchor. This kind of bigotry is not to be taken lightly. James A., STEP UP to the rescue. Channel 10 is THRU!!!!

It is good to see that channel 10 is cleaning up its act a little. Putting a person of such low moral character on the air would set a bad example. He is lucky that he wasn't fired completely which I do with people in my business when I find out that they are into such perverse behavior.

Charles Perez has always been a consumate professional, smart, and likeable. Both in NY and Miami, and beyond. He's done some groundbreaking interviews and has been not only a great role model for the gay community but for the Latino community as well.

Channel 10 is running from controversy, and the ex boyfriend knows it. The ex should be deported and the station should be banned.

WPLG has the cheesiest of the cheesy news depts. They have a track record of firing the 'too old', the 'too gay', the too-anything except cheesy. The station can rot. No one with a conscience should watch their newscasts. I don't, nor does anyone I speak to about WPLG's discriminatory practices.

who WATCHES news anymore!?

Hey HERALD YOU MORONS Charles' SSN is easily visible on a laptop monitor in your attachment, despite your lame attempt at scratching out the number with what a pencil?!

I hope you get sued, media is invading our privacy...this is the finest example yet.

Charles is one of the best out there and I support his complaint.

Girls, grils, please no fighting!

A gay guy crying discrimination...by whom?...another gay guy!!!...get real Perez...that's lame!!!

It is disgraceful that a once respected hometown paper is now running these sex columns.

abc needs some help...lets be serious, charles was probably the main reason that most people even watched the evening news on this network, regardless of their orientation...come on people how boring is laurie jennings...

I didn't know he was Gay. And, I didn't and don't care. When I watch the news all I do is listen to hear what the announcer is talking about. Had it not been for this news story, I never would have figured that he was a Gay Guy. How do you tell just by looking at someone or hearing them talk that they are Gay. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't agree with that type of life-style. However, I recognize that it is no business of mine what someone wants to do with their sexuality. If they asked me for my opinion that would be a different story. I believe in what the bible says about such things, period. And for me that is non-negoatiable, just as not judging anyone is. With me that's non-negoatiable also. Best wishes Mr. Parez.



Firing people because of their sexual orientation shows that you have "low moral character." You are disgusting, and to brag about sexual discrimination shows how ignorant you are. I hope one of your former employees files a discrimination suit against you. You certainly deserve it.

I love charles perez, bring him back to the anchor job. He looks and sounds good and I enjoy looking at him and listening to him.

Channel 10 can do as they please, since it is their company, but in my opinion, Charles Perez is one of the best anchors in local television. He exudes confidence, he is the ultimate professional on the air. The station should be ashamed. I will not watch their local news anymore. They will ultimately find that this was not a smart decision to remove him because of his sexual orientation. He should be judged by his performance, not on who he choses as a partner, as long as he is a law abiding citizen, his romantic life choices those things just should not matter.

Such very typical Heterosexist behavior.

Channel 10, should be ashammed of themselves..IF..these allegations are true and I have heard simular scenarios revolving around age,looks, and race involving this same station. But as someone who has seen Charles as in anchor on that station and observed his entire journalism career for years...he seems very creditable and extremely professional...

Why the brouhaha? Just another Queen fight

If this guy didn't admit the disturbing sex acts that he participates in he would not have had a problem. I have a "don't ask, don't tell" policy at the company I own. It works well for the military and I have only had to fire a few who have admitted to this deviant lifestyle.

fredb, you are the deviant one.

Channel 10 really screwed up this time !!! Charles is one of the best at his job and did not only a great job but a very professional one on the night news...narrow and a stupid comment about them laughing like "girlfriends".

If you all think this is bad you should go to the Salons they go to and hear all the gossip there and find out who is really doing what!!!! And it isn't Charles!!!!

Charles Perez is a top notch pro. One of the best anchors that WPLG has ever had. I don't know what bug their news director as up his butt, but his comments were riduculous.

Charles Perez belong in the anchor seat where he belongs and was hired for.

Charles Perez is so high up on himself, that perhaps that was one of the reasons he was "bumped" back to Miami from NYC; perhaps the naive latino comunity of Miami would think he was one of the best... Who told this man he is a good journalist? (FYI he was also a weekend news reader in NYC, hint hint?) Perhaps he lied in his CV? who knows, who cares? This fellow homosexual is so snooty I couldn't stand watching him (so full of himself) in NYC or in MIA TV. WAKE UP people! journalism is not about the sexual orientation of the person reading the news...Charles dear, just enjoy what you have left, plenty of other real journalist would love to have a job!...Logo is hiring btw...


Come on down, all you redneck backwards backwoods people haters. Fredb is here and I am sure he welcomes all like him to support his trashy sick comments. Oh yes, hate is alive and well and lives, breeds and expands right here in Florida, the hotbed of hatred and bigotry. This state makes me want to throw up...so many churches and evangelicals and right wing haters in the same breath. And you think the gays are going to hell? You have that all wrong, if I understand God and love.

I will sure miss Charles Perez. I only watched 10 on the week ends because I knew thats when he was on. I remember watching his national talk show when I lived in Indiana, so when I saw him on the news after I moved here it was like finding an old friend. Good luck and best wishes to him.

I am certain this will all be worked out behind the scenes. Charles Perez is smart, handsome, professional. ABC 10 certainly should have stood by him when his EX trashed him. Too Gay ?! I'm too Gay, Charles Perez is certainly not too GAY.. Is this akin to being too Black. Discrimination is Discrimination on any level. NOT GOOD.. Work it out!

Wow!! after reading some of the comments posted by QUEEN's...who are so filled with jealousy & hate toward a member of our own tribe. What is it with the human condition that members of ones own community or race or Socioeconomic Status are often times our worst enemies? Turn that keen eye inward and get yourselves in check before casting stones. This is a sad snapshot of our world.

I have had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting Bill Pahovey, News Director, as my exhusband worked there as a TV news director Friday, Sat and Sunday. Believe me he is a pompous ass and will do anything to make himself look good, no easy task I might add. Obviously he hasn't changed. JACKASS that he is.

As a Gay Man, I am disheartened to learn of Charles Perez's departure from WPLG. In a country that should pride itself on the diversity of its people, cultures, and life styles, it is truly abhorrent to me that there is such a lack of acceptance for a man who presented the news in a professional manner.
WPLG should be ashamed of itself for its shallowness and bigotry.

I had no idea that he was gay... and really didn't care. I only know that he and Lori was a nightly routine that I enjoyed.
I missed the "two" of them...so I googled the station to see what had happened. Much to my surprise, this is the reason. What worl do you live in? I am not for a person being gay, but if they are in a position, and do it well, I will not judge him.
But you the station I trusted as being fair has lost my vote. And truly I feel Lori has lost some of her spark. She is feeling the strain. You have made a big mistake... And so unfair.

I think it's unconsciounable to dismiss such a worthy anchor. I was pulled to Local 10 each nite, including weekends, to watch Charles Perez.
A major loss of personality, talent and genuine charm.

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