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Charles Perez: My agent compared gay WPLG news director to ‘Jews in the 1930s who sold out other Jews’

BY STEVE ROTHAUS, srothaus@MiamiHerald.com

charles perezCharles Perez, the gay ex-TV anchor, tells Advocate.com why he believes Bill Pohovey, WPLG-ABC 10's gay news director, fired him:

"I think he's a company man. I think if you had to label Bill a gay man or a company man, you would pick company man," Perez told the gay news website. "I also talked to my agent about it. My agent said to me, `You know, Charles, you got to remember, there were Jews in the 1930s who sold out other Jews so they would stay good with the guys in power.'’’

Pohovey declined to comment.

New York superagent Richard Liebner – whose other clients have included Dan Rather, Diane Sawyer and Paula Zahn -- says he doesn't recall comparing Pohovey to bad Jews during the Holocaust.

"I unequivocally don't remember saying that," Liebner tells The Miami Herald.

Perez, who got canned Aug. 5 after suing WPLG for discrimination, says everything in The Advocate interview is "100 percent true," that Liebner definitely gave the analogy.

"He's a Jewish man, and he was very firm about that," said Perez.

So why is Liebner's memory fuzzy?

"He's a f---ing politician at the end of the day," said Perez, who is still represented by Liebner and considers him a trusted friend.

"I count Richard as somebody who is considering my best interest," Perez said. ``Unlike my station, he has not kicked me to the curb."


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I like Charles Perez. Too bad what happened.

Why is Charles surprised about his boss? Is this not a historical pattern? Had he been jewish, he would still be an anchorman. When people realize some jews, like other groups, are exclusive of others, particularly Christians...

I love chares Perez, I hope he stays in south florida. I would definitly watch any station that hired him as a anchor. We love you Charles! Don't forget that!

Except for the national news, I have decided to no longer watch WPLG. I cannot sanction this kind of reprehensible behavior on the part of a business. I will also avoid its sponsors' products.

Mr. Perez was disrespected by typical jackasses in any business. It just goes to show that people never change unless it hits them in the bank account - and it might have hit Mr. Perez' boss' so he opted to behave as a true mercenary - no ethics, integrity or morals.

As an American, we should all be in a rage over any treatment like this by any business or government authority.

what's new...you have jews who voted for Obama, you have gays who voted for Mr. "don't ask don't tell" Clinton.

good riddance.....

I am tired of hearing about fired gay people claiming their sexual preference caused their termination while they ignore the fact they were incompetent, had abad attitude, or were simply the wrong person for the job

florida is an at will state.... an employer needs no cause to terminate your employment, which is a good thing.... stop hiding behind your gayness

As an employer I would want a "company man" working for me. Personal agendas should stay out of the working environment!

I wish Charles would stop whining and show some integrity. Straight people get fired for the same reasons. You bring to work your headaches from home expect to be on the unemployment line. Then he throws his Agent under the bus over a private conversation. I believe his Agent made the analogy, what I can't fathom is why Charles decided it was a good idea to smear his only advocate. I would hate to be a friend or employee of Charles. I think it's time Charles starts over, a fresh start, last I heard a tint station in Idaho needed a weekend anchor.

This young gent is swiftly burying whatever chances he would have before an EEOC official and/or a judge or jury; one thing he did not learn is the proverbial talisman of each and every honest to goodness story target and that's to retort..."no comment while this all is pending...." Instead, he is hellbent on airing all the highs and lows of his siutation and he is quickly impaling his own bona fides on his own sword---------his agent forgot the very basic tenet of being a headline and that is to hope the headline dies a natural death----------recall he is the one the station execs promoed as having a mom and grandma with great genes and noted to us "he plans to be around a long time..." sadly, perhaps that well showcased promotion may've backfired. somewhere along the hell, fire and brimstone he's got deep inside to cut WPLG 10 to its lowest possible level of credibility, he appears to have forgotten that more often than not, "Silence may really really really be golden...."

jews are like everybody else...there are good and bad jews....like all of us..it is the simian nature that comes out...some have advanced beyond the simiam nature,but very few...this happens to millions in the world!!!!!

Move on Charles, it's not worth it. They will end up characterizing you as an over-emotional, queen with a bad attitude. Trust me, I've been there.

Charles has just proven himself to be an over-emotional queen with a bad attitude. Like Dave said, silence is golden. I respected his situation more when it first happen, now his just a bitching queen.

Charles Perez started in Miami, then they tried him out at ABC in New York, then he was back in Miami.
I think he delivered the news well, and there is probably a story there that we don't know about--and it probably is not gay discrimination, except possibly out of jealousy from another man.

From my viewing in both cities, he has always presented himself as a responsible news person.

I truly don't get why people on here are making anti-semitic and homophobic comments. They are just showing off their bigotry.
The issue seems to be getting a good review one day from his boss - then after a private e-mail is made public - Charles suddenly gets another review just a couple of weeks later and an excellent review is changed to marginal.
Who wouldn't be suspicious of such a quick turnaround? Sounds like Charles is at least deserved a hearing.
(And yeah - it probably would have been better for him to not be so public with his issues)

Jewish roots always trump being gay. If gays got their act together, they would be an even bigger force, but they are WIMPS, 10% of the population gets trumped by 6 million US Jews out of 300 million--you do the math. Power is in numbers if you want to take it.

I didn't know the man was gay and he blended in so well that I am not too sure who he is. I am sorry that he lost his job. That always bothers me when someone loses a job; they are so hard to find these days. His sexual situation is his own business and I don't care to discuss it.


I think Mr. Perez is a good Tv. personality, serious,profesional,atractive to us. men or women. He projects a gentleman figure, honest and decent to us Tv. viewers. His private life is a diferent story. He is not the only one in front of a camera, but he made a mistake with someone that was not good for him.
Sorry he lost his job, and we will miss him, but soon he'll be back. Good luck Charles.

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