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Focus on the Family: ‘People with unwanted same-sex attraction’ should be allowed treatment

Focus on the Family has issued a response to Wednesday’s announcement by the American Psychological Association that mental health professionals should not tell gay clients they can become straight through therapy or other treatments.

Here’s the Focus on the Family news release:

Should people with unwanted same-sex attraction be allowed treatment to seek change?

After more than two years of reviewing the matter, the American Psychological Association says they should be allowed. 

The APA released a report this week that affirms the importance of faith for many people, and a client’s right to self-determination within their treatment. Practically, this means that therapists may continue to assist clients seeking help to manage their sexuality in a way that aligns with their beliefs.

Focus on the Family Gender Analyst Jeff Johnston – who once struggled with unwanted same-sex attractions – agrees. “We can’t ignore that faith is an anchor and guide for many people struggling with sexual issues,” said Johnston. “For some men and women, it is more important to live out lives according to their religious convictions than to adopt a gay identity.”

The report, however, discounts the effectiveness of orientation change therapies – a dismissal Johnston says ignores the mounting evidence of real change in people’s behavior, identity and attractions.

Johnston can shed some light on this mixed-bag report. He can: 

- Talk about the APA study from a Christian perspective

- Counter the APA’s claims that orientation change therapies are ineffective

- Describe his personal journey through unwanted same-sex attraction

Focus on the Family has an audience of more than 230 million in 155 nations, and is the largest, Christian non-profit organization in the world dedicated to helping nurture and defend families. Focus on the Family is online at www.FocusOnTheFamily.com.


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