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Charles Perez pulls anchor, will move to Connecticut – and marry

Upstate NY

BY STEVE ROTHAUS, srothaus@miamiherald.com

Fired WPLG-ABC 10 news anchor Charles Perez and his boyfriend, Miami accountant Keith Rinehard, are leaving Florida for Connecticut -- where they'll marry on Sept. 27.

The Sunshine State is too chilly for a gay couple in love, Perez says.

"We just want to be normal people and not work in places where they say `Don't have kids, don't get married,' '' says Perez, 46. "On Friday, the 25th, we're going to Westport, Conn. Saturday we're going house shopping. And Sunday we're getting married on the beach -- in linen and flip-flops."

Connecticut is one of four states where same-sex couples can currently wed.

In NY Rinehard, a partner at Freeman, Dawson, Rosenbaum & Sobel accounting firm in Coconut Grove, plans to commute between Westport and Miami.

"I don't know what I'm going to do when it comes to my job. We're playing it by ear," says Rinehard, 41. "We found each other and it's meant to be. Friends say it's quite a road we've had to cover. I don't look at it like that. We're a great team."

WPLG bumped Perez from the weeknight anchor seat in July, saying the change was a cost-cutting measure. Perez then filed a discrimination suit against the Post-Newsweek station, claiming Channel 10 demoted him because of his sexual orientation. His TV bosses, who deny Perez’s claim, canned him a few days later.

Last month, Perez won a two-year restraining order against his ex, Dennis Ricardo Peña, in Miami-Dade domestic violence court.

Perez became involved with Rinehard earlier this year after his relationship with Peña soured.

Following the wedding, Perez plans to become Charles Rinehard. "We don't want to raise a family with different last names," Perez says.


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This is a loss for South Florida. I think Charles made a good anchor and liked that he was yet another visible gay professional. And now he's changing his name? Wow. In for a penny, in for a pound, huh? :)

I think Charles Perez and his future husband are very lucky to have found eachother. Mr. Perez was, in my opinion, an excellent anchor and WPLG has loss an asset.
May they live happily ever after!!

Congrats to Charles and Keith on their upcoming move and wedding! I still miss Charles, but I applaud their decision to leave this hideous, backward state and I wish them a life filled with love and happiness!!

Why are gay men such drama queens? This Charles Perez guy must have a job lined up with one of the Hartford/New Haven stations or he and his "partner" would not have chosen Connecticut to get married. If he had a job lined up in Boston, they would move to Massachusetts to get married. If Charles had a job lined up in Vermont, they would be marrying in Vermont. Good luck to the Charles Perez Drama Queen. I bet he's not even Hispanic (i.e. Walter Perez at WPVI in Philadelphia...Perez is not his name and he's not Hispanic...Julie Banderas at Fox News Channel...her real name is Bidwell...and she's no more Hispanic than my left nut).

He was born Charles Dabney. In a career move, because stations like ethnic names on the FCC EEO reports, he began using his mother's maiden name of Perez.

Good luck, Charles and Keith. It's true that Florida is not a good state for gay people but we should change that, at least county by county!

This guy is a total drama queen. I worked with him briefly at WSVN, and he was a constant bragger, "Oh, I had my own talk show". Which was cancelled...
He thinks he is a better journalist than he actually is. This is the SECOND job he was fired from, as WABC in NY let him go as well.

Keep an eye on your man Charles, I am sure he will be cruising the bars here while you are back home with the kiddies...

They're moving on up to Connecticut so they can get married on a beach all dressed up in linen and flip-flops, then Carlitos will go on to become Mr.Charles Rinehard, they'll buy a house with a white picket fence, no doubt, plop a golden retriever in the front yard and live happily ever after, how quaint. We'll see how long this'll last...

You queens are so nasty to each other--even in public!! Keep feeding the right-wing crazies!

If otherwise good people go along with the prevailing wrongful prejudices and stereotypes, then we are no better than the Germans under the Nazis.
Gays were the ones with the purple triangles.

Gross. Just Gross.

it is not about the drama king or queen; here you have a gent that made a whole helluva lotta noise at work; in the press; in the courts; in the streets; here, you've got a gent who is a master of manipulation for his very own whim and fancy; rewind back the past month a half and see the headlines he skillfully manipulated for hisself and, presto, there it is could not be clearer; this guy is good, real good; perhaps he went and got the last laugh after all on us, them, the employer, the courts and S. Florida.

Oh PLEASE !!!!!
Stop feeding the narcissist !!!!

Just go away already , NOBODY cares .

You're making a wise decision to do what Christ advised - shake the dust off you feet, and move away from the haters. You'll find more Christlike love, gentility, and advanced civilization, in the north.

Tim and Earl, two Pennsylvanians,
together in Love at first sight for 33 years,
married in Canada, 2003

They are welcome here in Connecticut. Glad they decided to make their home here. In addition to allowing same-sex marriages, we have great access to beaches, mountains, New York City, Boston, Vermont, and quintessential New England towns that are as accepting of us as are the larger cities.

My partner & I live in CT. We have also lived in FL. CT may have anti-discrimination laws and gay-marriage rights but most gay men here are still in the closet and you'll still find haters and religious freaks- yes, even up north. Frankly, we're thinking of moving back to FL. Either way, we really need to stop running from discrimination. We wish you the best and hope you find peace & happiness. P.S. You must have $$$ as Westport was even too snooty for Martha Stewart!!! ;)

I liked charles Perez! And I wish him well, in whatever he wants to do! I thought he was a very good anchor man, I'll miss him! Your Loss local 10!

bad move by abc ch 10 they had a great team in lori and charles.it look like they just hit a low
as tv broadcasting goes.

lori watchout your the next watch what you say and do abc ch 10 is watching you so much for the family forum. good luck charles ,lori your still the best on late news.

We will miss Charles in S. Fla. He was such an asset to channel 10. I am not sure they know what they have lost. He is a man of great stature and strength and integrity and I have admired his reporting style for years. I am very happy that he has met someone whom he can share a life with and move forward and be happy with. They compliment one another and I am happy to see Charles smile again. It is sad when a couple part ways and one has to barrage the other and try to destroy the career and life and memories for the other partner. Such vengence is not uncommon in any relationship and on the other hand, we all have had promises broken and move on without being bitter and vile.
Congrats to you Charles. Be HAPPY now and keep smilng, we will miss you.

Obviously, Charles is the wife in this marriage.

Don't see how Charles has much of a case when WPLG has a very gay sounding weatherman, Scott Padgett. http://www.justnews.com/newsteam/16037360/detail.html. Just watch and listen.

how can one be too gay in 2010? is that like being too female? too black? too irish? people have to get over themselves in judging others. i have a feeling if Jesus were back, he'd be appalled at the racial and sexist bias.

Charles Perez can stand tall among men. He has succeeded in proving himself an excellent role model for younger gay men, and he has risen above the anti-gay climate that exists. I wish him and Keith Rinehard the very best. It's a pity that we live in a society that still harbors hatred for so many people who others view as less than human because of their color, religious affiliation, and sexual preference. Florida will less beautiful when Mr. Perez leaves.

Leave Charles... leave already.
Don't come back when your husband starts beating you as most gay men do!!
PS.. You are NOT a role model.. I'm sure Dwight is disgusted that you took over for him.

Just had the time to find out what happened. Good luck and God bless you and yours, now and always. South Florida has lost a GREAT one.

Wow, it's been a long time since I heard about Charles Perez. He had his talk show long time ago. He was on NBC as Norm's lover. He never really came out as a gay man until later when he was fired from his TV station.

But who cares.

He is a human being and it's great that he is doing something that is going to make HIM happy.

The haters can just go hate somewhere else.

Every time I see other gays happy, I wish them the best in their new lives.

Congratulations Charles & Keith!

i think they are making the best discion i very happy for you and ur lover channel 10 has lost a great anchor guy and i will never watch that channel again more power for you charels lets start a boycot for channel 10 rights for humanity

What I find so incredibly interesting is Charles Dabney Peres is a multiracial person. Mother from Peruvian descent and an Anglo Father. When he adopts his mothers maiden name which is common in Latin cultures he is condemned for doing so. Let's try this again, Barak Obama has an anglo parent, is he lying and really is actually a white man? Seriously people, it's 2011, enough with the double standards.

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