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University of Miami SPECTRUM newsletter gets new Perspective after gay students object to name


BY STEVE ROTHAUS, srothaus@MiamiHerald.com

A gay student group at the University of Miami has taught UM's School of Education a lesson: Don't mess with our name.

The education school a few weeks ago e-mailed its new quarterly newsletter called SPECTRUM -- which also happens to be the longtime name of UM's gay student group.

The newsletter's SPECTRUM logo also happened to be rainbow-colored, just like the gay student group's.

The SpectrUM group's concern: "Some of the students who are on the verge of coming out and want to contact someone'' might call the education school by mistake, said Dr. Marilyn Neff, associate dean of communications for the School of Education, who met with group leaders.

The newsletter will be renamed Perspective, she said Wednesday.

Aaron Esman, a UM junior and president of the gay student group, said "it does seem like an honest mistake on their part."

Esman said the student group's name is recognized by UM's Committee on Student Organizations. "We've been registered with them as an organization since 1992 and as SpectrUM since 2000."

Neff said though there is no copyright on the name, "I understand their point of view. We certainly don't want to cause any confusion."

No confusion about the five young men and women pictured on the SPECTRUM newsletter's front page.

"That was stock art we pay for," she said. "They're not even our students."



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Dumb Hurricanes!
Let go Noles!

No group can claim ownership of the spectrum (or in nature the rainbow). It is a natural phenomena.

Go Hurricanes!


I'm glad they stood up for their name, that's cool. That said, GO FIU PANTHERS!



I find it amusing that the first commenter hit 'post' at all. Maybe you meant "Let's go", but your obvious lack of thought, as well as the 'bon mot' potential of 'Let Go Noles' is pretty funny. Indeed, 'Noles, let go. Let go of your higher education status, for starters.

Don't you gays ever stop with the whining? Its always something.

Yeah, we homos are just like you thumpers when it comes to whining, we dont have the market on it.

why hasn't anyone commented on how ridulous it is that they pay for stock art? just jump into a classroom and ask to take a picture!

Go Hurricanes! go go go

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