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Photo gallery | Former WPLG-TV news anchor Charles Perez weds accountant Keith Rinehard

Fired WPLG-TV news anchor Charles Perez has married Miami accountant Keith Rinehard in Westport, Conn. Here are a few of the wedding pictures:


Above, Charles Perez and Keith Rinehard.






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As a mother of two young boys, I'm disgusted that the Herald would place these offensive pictures in a newspaper they could view.

There's no tolerance or respect for families anymore. Unprofessional agenda.

Why would your two young boys be reading the Gay blog on Miami Herald?? You should be asking yourself that question before anything else!!

Congratulations to them. It's my sincere hope they've found peace and real happiness. It's incredibly elusive. I can't believe Charles is done just yet in broadcast journalism. We'll see. Good luck to the newelyweds.
P.S. Where do we insert the jokes about the sex stopping after the wedding?

You had to click to access these "offensive pictures" sweety. If homosexuality offends you so much, you should have even bothered to click on the article.They didn't plaster the pictures on the front page but yet you still have to find something to complain about. There is alot of tolerance and respect for families its just that in your definition, a couple made up of two people of the same sex doesn't constitute a family. The lack of respect and intolerance is being shown by you.

Karen - are you disgusted with the pictures because you are a mother of two young boys or would you be disgusted anyway?

There are at least 2 kinds of people that read this blog: those who are interested in the news for this community and those who are interested in indulging some odd curiosity (assign your own label).

The only thing disgusting or offensive here is Karen's post.


If one or both of your two young boys turn out to be gay, think how validating these pictures would be for him in his life.

I will say this here because I didn't make it to the wedding. Congratulations to Charles and Keith! May you both live long and happy life together.
These are modern times. Families today are created in different ways. So when are the kids coming? Im ready to be an uncle.

My highest praises to the Miami Herald for posting the pics.

To Karen who posted her hateful comments.
You sound like a idiot. What makes the world such a special place is that we are all different. Think about it. How would you feel if suddenly all gay people hated you just because your straight. Don't raise your boys to be bigots.

Someone as intolerant as Karen posting about tolerance. How ironic.

Karen why don't you go to hell with your kids and all? It's people like you that block progress and success because of your stupidity, ignorance and lack of understanding and compassion. If you don't like the pictures, don't look at them. I hope your kids are looking at them on You Tube. They are or will be gay....punishment for you from your "god"

Karen is a loca!

I wish for Charles and Keith a lifetime of love and happiness. They seem to be very much in love and they deserve the best!! I still miss Charles and I still do not ever watch WPLG Local 10 news.

Karen: You are a disgusting example of why I am embarrassed to be american. People like you bring out all of the hatred that I have in me. I hope you die and rot in hell, but before you do I hope that both of your children turn out to be gay and I hope you get to live to see it. That would be the best punishment for a hateful, hypocritical, judgemental hag like you. Go back to your trailer, drink some more beer, screw your boyfriend who is also your brother and pray to your god to forgive all the sinners... LOL

Dear Karen,

As a member of a loving supportive family, and gay, How Dare you speak to the readers in such a sanctimonious tone. Just because their family, my family doesn't resemble your family doesn't make it any less of a loving, nurturing, supportive family. May I suggest you take a look outside of your isolated ignorant world & understand that you are but one on this planet that we all share & inhabit. I hope both of your boys are gay so you might just develop a little empathy for others. Thank God I was not born to a woman like you. Charles & Keith are successful, educated & in love who are YOU to judge that or anyone? Love is the Answer.

what if karens kids grew up watching the charles perez show or anything else on him and they wanted to learn more about him?. all they would have to do is type in his name and this site and other sites about him would come up. you dont have to be gay to want to look this man up. i understand the point that karen is trying to get through.

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