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Video | Beating of gay New York man caught on tape

From WABC-TV news in New York:

QUEENS (WABC) -- Eyewitness News has obtained video in the brutal beating of a gay man in Queens.

The brutality of the crime was caught on surveillance tape. All the punches and kicks the victim suffered through, captured on the cameras of a nearby business.

Police are aware of the tape and have been examining closely as they track down the victim's attackers.

Family says 49-year-old Jack Price remains on a respirator. The video shows in graphic detail how lucky he is to have survived the brutal assault that investigators believe was fueled by hate.


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Am Jamaican , and that was horrific for me. I dont believe in putting physical blows on someone because of there sexual orientation. However i dont believe in the gay way of life and wish they would keep their belives personal and stop teaching it to others especially kids. Remember same sex cannot bare fruit.
As Jamaican when we repeat lines as," Boom bye bye in a batty boy head." This is just putting color on our personal believe of a christain background, that," Same sex is not right'"

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