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Society of Professional Journalists in South Florida plan ‘coming out party’

As a former board member of the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association, I find this invitation from the South Florida chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists somewhat amusing (and a bit odd):


From Dori Zinn, VP of Membership, South Florida Pro Chapter:

Dear South Florida SPJ members:

I'm beyond excited about the programming and events that our chapter is putting on this year. On Thursday, Jan. 28, we're having a South Florida SPJ Coming Out party where you are invited to hear what we have in store for 2010.

From 7-9 p.m. at the Porterhouse in Boca Raton, you'll get to chow on some free food while hearing about all the great events we are putting on this year, from our upcoming Parachute Training in February to our Project Invictus in March to our annual Ethics Hold 'Em in April, and that's only to name a few. Most, if not all of the events will be discounted for SPJ members. For more information about the party, click here. Door prizes, giveaways, and raffles will also take place.


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Well since one of this year's board members is gay (me) I guess that means it's a coming out party! I am hoping that our South Florida chapter can find a way to work with the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association this year as well.

As President of the South Florida Chapter of the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Assn (NLGJA.org), I find it somewhat amusing too.
Most professional organizations (lawyers, doctors, educators, etc.) have mainstream associations to share information and advance the goals of their members. Journalists are no different. We have groups for Black Journalists, Asian Journalists, Hispanic Journalists & many of us participate actively in multiple organizations.
I view this clever (if a bit odd) invitation graphic as a "tip of the hat" to the NLGJA (note the "PRESS" credential in the Keith Harring hat). Indeed, SPJ did express specific interest in sponsoring joint programs with NLGJA during to upcoming Pridefest season. Details to follow.
I hope many of our members can attend this event & I invite gay journalists, writers, and broadcasters in our area to join our organization. 2010 marks our 20th anniversary & we will celebrate the occasion with a "fabulous" National Convention over Labor Day weekend in SF.
Pres. SoFla Chapter NLGJA

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