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StopPeter.com website launches in response to Peter Rauhofer/Winter Party article on MiamiHerald.com/gay

A new website – not endorsed or supported by me or The Miami Herald – has launched in response to my article last week, Winter Party fundraisers: DJ Peter Rauhofer dance party at Mansion competes for gay tourist dollars.

The website, StopPeter.com, has this message, followed by The Herald / Gay South Florida article:


Please do not attend ANY Peter Rauhofer events.
The best way to stop Peter is to spread the word and to only attend the officially sanctioned party at Space Sunday night with DJ Tracy Young and DJ Boris.

Created and paid for by concerned members of the LGBT community.



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Yeah...thats gonna work wonders!

u guys got alot of time on ur hands maybe u should spend ur money/time on more charitable endeavors

Not bad, but the site should also call for a boycott of Peter's sleazeball enablers at JustCircuit as well.

Wow, this is sick. Mr. Rothaus you caused this divide in the gay community with Mr. Hilton. You guys act like the gay mafia. Anyone who goes against you and expose the Winter Party for what it really is gets slandered and dragged through the mud. Wow no wonder the good talented gay Dj's flee South Beach. Boris and London are straights. Of all years to allow straights to take the spots away from us. Just a few months ago the we were denied rights to marry. I am starting a I hate Winter Party egos.com website to expose your communistic ways.Next year have your party in Cuba.

This is a bit sad. You guys are ultimately making his party more popular.

The fact that TASK FORCE is basing so much of their expectations for Winter Party on Peter's competing event show's just how WEAK they feel about the product they are providing.

For the Record we all knew Boris and Tracy do not stand a chance against Peter,Offer and Marco since the day the event was announced. Mind you many of us were afraid where we would be spending that Sunday night, since we feared it would be something major against them, sorry but this is not major.

Had they booked Chus + Ceballos and maybe Tracy for Sunday...That's a whole other story! The Gays are living for C+C...Expect the Saturday party to be the one everyone talks about, Same way the Friday party at Space for White Party with C+C was the best event of the weekend in Nov.(Although to be fair Paulo and Calagna have gotten plenty of buzz from that night)Sorry just telling you how it is.

Maybe Task Force should hire Peter next year to produce their events! But I guess Hilton Wolman would not welcome how somebody from out of town would steal his fame?!...hehe. Then again, Peter is already stealing the show!

Here's their 2008 tax return showing the Winter Party reported a MAJOR MAJOR loss!!! (before Rauhofer evenhad a party). Granted, I'm no accountant, but taking a loss for a charity event doesn't exactly seem like much charity. So WHERE did all the money from tickets sales go then?
It took 2 minutes to find it on guidestar.org and another 2 minutes to scan through.
Click the link to see the tax return:

Like we trust YOU Steve Rothaus! This article is backed by Winter Party $$ that never makes it to the people it is intended for...I will be at Mansion w/ Peter!

How tasteless! Let the public have options and decide where they want to dance. It is sad that ticket prices go up and up and up, but in Europe, a dance ticket at a major event is no more than 30 Euros. You really have to wonder where all that money goes!

The days of us choosing to go to an event due to its "charity worth" is OVER. We now choose the event because of the DJ, the venue and our friends. I have attended circuit parties all over the world and last year’s event at Mansion was one of my top five favorite parties ever!

Looking forward to being at Peter's event!

Looking forward to being at Peter's event!

The people (like circ69, above) who write that the Task Force is not giving dollars back to the community are just plain wrong. Either they are lying to try to defend Rauhofer, or they are grossly misinformed.

It's easy to do the research. Ask the beneficiaries of the funds, such as Equality Florida, SAVE Foundation, Pridelines Youth Services, the Switchboard of Miami. Look at the website of the Dade Community Foundation, which lists last year's grantees.


Folks, please do your research. Don't believe the misanthropic fools who are working AGAINST our community.

See you at Orbit with Tracy Young and Boris on Sunday night!

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