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Readers angered by Sun-Sentinel poll: 'What do you think? Who would make a better adoptive parent: a gun owner or a gay?'

A reader, Isak in Fort Lauderdale, is angry with The Sun-Sentinel for running a poll today, What do you think? Who would make a better adoptive parent: a gun owner or a gay?

Here’s the e-mail Isak sent to me today:

Dear Mr. Rothaus:

I wanted to bring to your attention an item I discovered on the Sun-Sentinel.com site this morning. There was a link stating the following:  Today's Buzz: Who would you rather have adopting: gays or gun owners?

I find it quite narrow-minded and objectionable that a daily newspaper located in a rather liberal county, with a significant gay population, would word a poll in such a fashion.

The wording of this poll furthers the ignorant perception that A) being gay is a choice and B) is in some way comparable to gun ownership (??!!??). Furthermore, it seeks to link these two implausibly related items to the state's deplorable law prohibiting gays from adopting children (??!!??).

While I understand The Miami Herald and the Sun Sentinel may be partners in sharing news resources, I'd like to think your blog (if not that The Miami Herald itself) would allow such an inflaming characterization to go unnoticed.  How could such an ill-conceived poll have been created for any other reason than to either antagonize the gay community or perpetuate further discriminatory biases against gays in society?

I've noticed that the Sun Sentinel's coverage of gay issues is at best insensitive and at worst completely lacking.  As an example, several of the rallies held last year (not three blocks from the Sun Sentinel offices in downtown Fort Lauderdale), related to the passing of Prop 8 in CA, seemed to have gone completely uncovered in their reporting.  And attempting to communicate grievances with their coverage of gay issues is virtually impossible (where's their equivalent of a "Steve Rothaus"?).

I grow increasingly frustrated by what seems like a lack of objective reporting by the Sun Sentinel on issues affecting the GLBT community and hope that by bringing this item to your attention it can initiate a dialogue within the community.

Thank you in advance for your attention to my email.

Isak in Fort Lauderdale

Isak isn’t the only one upset. Among the reader comments posted to the poll:

  • this is blatantly ignorant, petty, divisive and ugly. Sun-Sentinel, show some responsibility and remove this! All you are showing is you have found a way to make money online thru dividing people and bringing out their anger toward each other as a means of generating news interest, hence advertising dollars. BE ASHAMED!!!!
  • I can't get over how stupid this poll question is. None of the options fit my opinion.
  • The absolute dumbest poll question the Sun Sentinal has ever posted ! I gues the regular dunce called in sick so they grabbed skid row drunk and asked him to come up with a question.

What do you think?


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Stupid beyond belief.

I am not upset by the question at all! This was in response to the Florida legislature recently passing a law making it ok for gun owners to adopted while shelving a law repeal the gay adoption ban. Considering the surprising events taking place legislatively in our State capital, the question is timely and appropriate. THANK YOU South Florida newspapers!

Being gay, and owning a gun are NOT mutually exclusive.

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