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fabulis reports 60,000 members in 90 days

An email today from Jason Goldberg, founder of fabulis, a new social networking site and iPhone app for gay men:

fabulis iphone homeHi.  As founder and CEO of fabulis.com, I just wanted to send you a quick thanks for all your help and support in these early days.

Did you know that over the past 90 days we've added more than 60,000 members and that nearly 50% of our users visit fabulis more than 10 times per week?  Rock on!

As these things go, the more people on fabulis, the better it gets for everyone involved.  So, today only, we're running a special:

You will automatically receive 4000 fabulis bits for every
facebook friend of yours who joins fabulis on Friday August 13, 2010.  (bits only rewarded for real people joining) You can use those bits to get ahead in our fabulis games, including the big game this week for a free cruise for 2 to Mexico on Atlantis Cruises.

BTW.  Did you see that Dallas Voice just gave the fabulis iPhone app its top rating of gay iPhone apps (over Grindr and DList and others). We love it!

Our newest employee, Christopher Rudolph, has also been doing a terrific job beefing up the fabulis blog.  http://blog.fabulis.com.

All sorts of fabulis goodness going on there -- encourage
you to check it out.

Big love,


Here’s the fabulis fact sheet:

iphone-fabulis-conversation-screen-1 (1)About fabulis

fabulis is the social network that connects gay men and their friends with amazing experiences down the block and around the world. More than 53,000 people use fabulis to discover where to go, what to do, and who to meet. fabulis is available globally free of charge on the Web and as an iPhone application.


fabulis is a full-featured social network for gay men and their friends. fabulis launches new features weekly based on user feedback. The current features on fabulis include:

· Facebook Connect. fabulis utilizes Facebook Connect for login authentication convenience. All users are required to login with a valid Facebook account, and are able to bring their profile information, such as photos, friends, events, and other relevant information to help pre-populate their fabulis profile and network connections.

· Ask Me. fabulis members are able to ask and answer public questions of other users. The responses to these questions populate the user’s profile in a form of prompted micro-blogging. Since launching this feature on May 20, 2010, users have answered more than 600,000 questions.

· Profile Tags. Each user is able to add 3 tags to their profile which help describe them (e.g. foodie, interior designer, lawyer, geek, etc.).

· fabulis Bits. As users participate in fabulis, they are able to earn fabulis bits (virtual currency) as rewards for certain actions (e.g. people answering their questions). Users can also purchase bits, or gain bits by participating in partner offers (e.g. signing up for Netflix or a magazine subscription).

· Voting. Users are able to spend their bits as votes for friends in “tag” categories (e.g. for the #1 lawyer or #1 foodie).

· Overall Rankings. Users are ranked based on the number of points they have earned in the previous nine days. Points are the overall accumulation of votes the user has received, plus bits currently owned in the account during that period.

· Contests. fabulis runs regular contests on the site (about four per week) which reward the top ranked users within certain tags with special prizes, like free trips, concerts, and customized fabulis experiences.

· Following/Followers. Members are able to follow other users, providing an interactive alphabetical rolodex of members worldwide.

· Search. Search for members by name.

· Browse. Browse members by tag or by city.

· Messaging. fabulis’ homegrown messaging service enables seamless integration between email-like messages and IM-like chats.

· Plans. fabulis aggregates more than 71,000 gay-relevant events and makes them easy to browse by city and date. Thousands of new events are added daily. Users are able to check out the guest-list and learn from other users’ tips on what to wear, when to arrive, what to bring, and what to expect at the events.

· iPhone App. The fabulis iPhone app contains all of the features of the website, plus special enhancements for the mobile user. The fabulis iPhone app utilizes location-based GPS services to customize the fabulis experience based on people, plans and places nearby to the user’s current location. The iPhone app also contains the “shake-it” feature which enables users to connect randomly to a nearby fabulis member.


fabulis is built on Ruby on Rails. fabulis utilizes Facebook Connect for authentication.


fabulis raised $875,000 in seed financing from investors including Jason Goldberg (founder), The Washington Post Company, David Bohnett, Lars Hinrichs, Allen Morgan and Don Baer.


The fabulis team is led by founder & CEO Jason Goldberg, previous founder of Jobster and socialmedian. fabulis has 20 employees around the world.


fabulis is headquartered in New York, NY and has development operations in Pune, India, and Deinze, Belgium.


fabulis has worked with an impressive list of promotional partners including American Airlines, Atlantis Events, Design Within Reach, The Gay Games, GLAAD, Fire Island Pines Community, Focus Features, Key West, RCA Records, Sony Music, and Warner Bros.


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that's so nice that we have our own social network.I joined fabulis and i love it and I also found another one that is starting wich is called http://www.macho4macho.com I think it has potential too.

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