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Fidel Castro admits responsibility for Cuba's persecution of gays, calls it 'a great injustice!'

From Cuban Colada blog:

(foto)Fidel Castro this week admitted responsibility for the persecution of homosexuals in Cuba in the 1960s, calling their internment in forced-labor camps "a great injustice."

In the second installment of an interview with the editor of the Mexican newspaper La Jornada, Castro said that the revolutionary government's actions represented "a great injustice – a great injustice! – whoever committed it. If we committed it, we committed it. I am trying to limit my responsibility in all that because, of course, personally I don't have that type of  prejudice."

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I always knew that Reinaldo Arenas told the truth in his memorable autobiography Antes que Anochezca (Before Nightfall). His friends Lezama Lima and Virgilio Piñera were also victims of that kind of Stalinist-Nazi persecution. Lezama died of depression and Virgilio was assassinated by Fidel’s State Security, run by Manuel Piñero Barbaroja. Another important book to read is Cuba Nostra by Alain Ammar, which includes testimonies of Juan Vivés and accounts of war atrocities in Africa, as well as the illegal trafficking of ivory and diamonds in order to support Cuban soldiers in Angola. Moroccan children enslaved by Polisario and sent to Cuban secret brothels.

Raoul, thank you for your post.

The La Jornada interview, in a complete English translation, may be read here:

A collection of hundreds of reports, documents and original translations from Spanish to English on the history of Cuba's relations with its lesbian-gay-bisexual and transgendered citizens may be read here:

Walter, thanks for the links!

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