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'Fetish' starring Joan Collins, other gay-interest films to be shown at Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival

From Jan Mitchell:

The 25th Anniversary of The FORT LAUDERDALE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL September 27 - November 11, 2010 


OCTOBER 6, 5:00pm Short & Gay - A compilation of 4 Short films 


Director: Pierre Stefano s| USA / 2010 / 15 min / HDCam

Cast: Paul Caiola, Bret Shuford, Tom Gualtieri, Kevin Duda

Bobby meets and spends the night with an attractive stranger named Jonathan, then dreams about what a lifetime relationship with him could be like. But what will happen when Bobby wakes up to reality in the morning?


Director:Matthew J. Pellowski | USA / 2010/ 28 min / DVD

Cast: Joan Collins, Charles Casillo

FETISH LR A troubled, fading, Hollywood sexy symbol (Joan Collins)—whose career is on the skids--makes a play for a comeback with an eccentric late night talk show host. After taping the show, the two “personalities” head back to his place for a bizarre and unforgettable late night tete-a-tete.


Director; Waide Aaron Riddle | USA / 2010 / 5 min / DVD

Cast: Robbin Ormond, Waide Aaron Riddle

Based on the award- winning poem. A mother and her gay son live together in a trailer park and they share their good times with their trailer park friends.


Director: Adam Hall | USA / 2010 / 20 min / Blu-ray

Cast: Matt Lutz, Autumn Hurlbert, Doug Jones, John Larroquette, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Wes Hall, Beth Castle, Kahle McCann, Mylinda Royer

Los Angeles has been overtaken by a virus known as Sudden Death Syndrome, a disease that causes its victim to die suddenly and has only one symptom… spontaneously breaking into well-choreographed song and dance.





USA | 2010 | 96 min | Genre: Mocumentary/Civil War/Comedy

Director: Wendy Jo Cohen | Principal Cast: Emily Mitchell, Christopher Lukas, Matthew Ludwinski, Tim Cusack, Zeb Hollins III, John Redmond, Andy Sandberg, Maureen Brooks, Emilie Bonsant, Biraj Lala, Christine Tracy, Luisa Battista, Shelley McPherson, Nell Teare, Raquel Cion, Robert Ankers

BATTLE OF PUSSY WILLOW LR PWC Ken Burns meets Spinal Tap in a subversive tour de force relaying the outrageous life stories of four forgotten Civil War heroes: an opium addicted gay Colonel, an antediluvian Chinese launderer, a nerdy escaped slave, and a one-armed teenaged prostitute. Both wickedly satirical and deeply affectionate, The Battle of Pussy Willow Creek tells the “100% true” story of how this group of eccentric outsiders came together to save the Union from a nefarious foreign plot and how the self-serving forces of intolerance subsequently expunged their spectacular victory from the history books.




BEAR CITY - American Independent  

Director: Doug Langway | USA | 2010 |104 min | HDCam

BEAR CITY 1 LRBear culture meets “Sex and the City” in this groundbreaking romantic comedy. Young Tyler Hall is a struggling NYC actor with a secret: he’s really, really into bears. Fred, a cameraman who he meets at an audition, introduces Tyler to an exciting new bear social circle: Fred’s “husbear” Brent, Michael and his chubby-chaser boyfriend Carlos, and infamously promiscuous Roger. Tyler finds himself falling hard for the woof-worthy Roger, as the other guys struggle to manage their relationships. Fred and Brent consider opening up their relationship but get more than they bargained for. Michael, with the help of Roger, considers gastric bypass surgery but doesn’t get the support he counted on from Carlos. Pressure mounts, the big bear party weekend rapidly approaches, and the guys find love and friendships tested as they learn that modern romance can sometimes get a little hairy. Winner of 2 Grand Jury Awards from OUTFEST 2010!

Cast: Gerald McCullouch, Joe Conti, Brian Keane, Stephen Guarino, Alex Di Dio, Gregory Gunter, James Martinez, Sebastian Le Cause



Shown within the Short film program, Family Bonds



USA | 2010 | 18 min | HDCAM
Director: Victor Bumbalo |  Principal Cast:  Cameron Monaghan, Meeghan Holaway

Six days before Christmas.  It's warm and sunny.  Two recently transplanted
New Yorkers are lugging a Christmas tree through the streets of Los Angeles.
On one end of the tree is an irritated sixteen-year-old gay boy with quite a
mouth on him.  On the other end is his recently divorced mother, trying to
be patient and positive about their new lives.



Director: Ned Farr | USA | 2010 | 95 min | Blu-Ray | English | genre: drama

A MARINE STORY 4 LR A decorated Marine officer unexpectedly returns home from the war and is quickly recruited to help a troubled teen prepare for boot camp, but when the true reasons for her return become known it threatens the future for both of them. Dealing with an issue that now has tremendous relevance as American troops are stretched to the breaking point, A MARINE STORY highlights the absurdity of the military ban on gays through the personal story of one courageous woman.


Principal Cast: Dreya Weber, Paris Pickard, Michael Anthony Jones, Christine Mourad, Jeff Sugarman

Wednesday, October 27, 6:00pm

FRIENDSHIP! - World Cinema / East Coast Premiere

Director Markus Goller | Germany / 2010 / 108 min / English & German w/English sub-titles | Genre: Buddy Pic/Road Movie/Comedy

November, 1989. The Berlin Wall has fallen. The whole world celebrates, and the two pals Veit and Tom along with it. The two young East-Germans, products of the GDR´s repressive Communist regime, heed the call of the West, and set out for America with little more than 100 Deutsch-Marks in their pocket and a dream in their head: to make it to San Francisco. Veit´s convinced that his dad´s been living there since he fled the GDR years ago. But with their knowledge of English limited to the words "friendship" and "Vee are Communists," they´re in for a rough ride. With a combination of patience and luck, the pals make it to New Mexico, where they meet Zoey, a young woman whose beauty matches her business sense: after raising some money with a screening of the boys´ home video - a touching yet irreverent homage to their rapidly disappearing GDR - she gets them to sell chunks of rubble allegedly from the Berlin Wall… Then they´re off to Las Vegas, where they top off their funds by stripping in a gay club. Finally they´ve got enough cash to get to San Francisco. But Zoey is still with them, and they´ve both fallen for her. Will their dream of going West end a few hundred miles short of San Francisco? And more importantly: Will their friendship end in the Nevadan desert?

Cast : Friedrich Mücke, Matthias Schweighöfer





Director: Jay Gianukos | USA / 2010 / 75 min / HDCam

Writer/Producer: Susan Barnes, Jay Gianukos | Cast: Bernardo Puccio, Orin Kennedy

In 2004, after 30 years together, Orin and Bernardo decide to build a monument for themselves at the famed Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Unable to legally marry, Kennedy and Puccio celebrate their life together by inviting their closest friends to their funeral where a 12-foot Kennedy-Puccio monument is unveiled. As the status of gay rights in California pendulums drastically in 2008, Orin and Bernardo decide to make it legal and finally have a “real” wedding. Their relationship continues to change as they experience the ups-and-downs of wedding stress. Humor and drama combine as they discover that arranging a wedding is unlike any other event they have organized. Ultimately Puccio and Kennedy must confront the upheaval caused by California’s Proposition 8. Married for just 33 days, on November 4 they find themselves in a marriage no-mans land. With a long legal battle laid-out in California, their marital status will remain murky for some time. Their commitment to each another, however, remains steadfast and their monument stands as a dignified symbol of the struggle the gay community has endured for decades to achieve equal recognition.


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