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Video | Officer Amanda Haworth is eulogized by her life partner, Sgt. Rosie Diaz, and her son, Austin

Slain Miami-Dade police officer Amanda Haworth is eulogized by her life partner, Sgt. Rosie Diaz, and her 13-year-old son, Austin.

Diaz: "Thank you so much all of you that have traveled here to pay respect to Roger [Castillo] and to my partner Amanda."

Austin: "I just want to say that I love you mom."



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It is nice to see that her life partner spoke..there was a time not to long ago where that would not have happened. Thank you for posting this

Jeffrey, thank you.

I agree, thank you for posting this, and being one of the few media outlets to accurately refer to Diaz as Haworth's life partner. Many others have either only mentioned Diaz as Haworth's "very close friend" (as quoted by Haworth's father), or made no mention of Diaz whatsoever, only mentioning that Haworth was a "single mother". I hope that others take note of your honesty and attention to detail.

Thank you for posting this. I wondered if we would ever hear anything about Amanda's life partner and was praying that she was getting the support that she needs right now. My biggest fear in life is that something happens to myself or my partner and our lives and love for each other are not recognized by our families or community. How sad that would be, especially for our children.

This only reinforces all of the stereotypes about women who seek to do jobs usually performed by men. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for sharing this. My partner and I are mourning the loss of the officers and their families. Recognizing Rosie as Mandy's life partner was powerful and touching (AS IT SHOULD BE).
It places a personal touch on our relationship. Our hearts go out to them.
We may never be able to understand this tragedy. I can only pray that God will comfort those left behind as they go through these horrible times.
God bless them....

Thank you for posting this Steve. I was disappointed in our local media for not giving her partner and son the same amount of discussion time as the other family effected by this tragedy.

I pray for Rosie and Austin, it is so nice to see a public figure stand up and be able to speak openly about the pain she feels for loosing their life partner.
If I lost my life partner of 16 years, I would also be devistaded.
Thank you Rosie for being so brave.

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