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Gay marriage advocates make push for equality on Valentine's Day

By Anna M. Tinsley, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram

They know they'll go home empty-handed, even if it is Valentine's Day, but same-sex couples nationwide, including in Texas, plan to make a political statement today by seeking marriage licenses at county clerks' offices.

"Marriage is a civil right, not a heterosexual privilege," said Tiffani Bishop of Austin, who is active in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

She and others hope to draw attention to the fact that most states still ban same-sex couples from legally marrying. Texas law defines marriage as between one man and one woman.

Same-sex couples also plan to participate in rallies, gay wedding celebrations, protests and more as part of the annual February Freedom to Marry month activities. No events are planned in North Texas, organizers say.

"There are an estimated 17,444 children being raised by same-sex couples in Texas," said Michael Diviesti, state coordinator for GetEQUAL TX, an Austin-based nonprofit geared to empower the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. "Texas politicians claim to want to protect my fellow Texans and their families.

"Instead they have fought and so far succeeded in placing restrictions on these [same-sex couple] families that ensure that they have few if any of the protections given to children raised in heterosexual households."

Texas Eagle Forum President Pat Carlson of Fort Worth said she doesn't support the movement.

"There is a continual effort by the homosexual community to push their agenda on the rest of us," said Carlson, whose group advocates for socially conservative causes. "The bottom line is they are trying to destroy traditional marriage as we know it in the country and make their lifestyle the norm.

"They make it seem that anybody who has a problem with it is homophobic."

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"They make it seem that anybody who has a problem with it is homophobic."

Well, if you do, you are.

Today in CT Same Sec Couples can not only get married legally, but the only cost will be your state application fee ($30).
Come to the FREE wedding or vow renewal at The Water's Edge at Giovanni's in Darien at 7 p.m.
2748 Post Road in Darien. Off exit 9 on I 85.
You need to get your license first- takes about 20 minutes at the Darien Town Hall 2 Renshaw Rd Darien. Tell them Mary C Pugh is your justice of the Peace

Bring $30 and your photo id to Darien Town Hall for the license. If you want a certified copy, additional $20 (optional) You BOTH have to appear and swear in to get the license.
NO blood tests, NO witnesses, NO waiting, NO other paperwork required.... get married today!

Certificate, long stem rose for each couple... Join us!

Kudos to Marriage, and Happy Valentine's Day.

Onward to full marriage equality rights now.

Cheers, Joe Mustich, CT Justice of the Peace,
Red Studio Farm, Washington Green, CT USA

Jeez, perhaps JP Pugh should take out a paying ad in the MH. Cheers.....

Love is Love is Love Everyone deserved to be treated fairly.

Scientifically and naturally speaking, there would be no population if it werent for normal or "straight people". That PROVES that men and women are supposed to be together. Gay people do nothing to contribute to the existance of mankind, for christs sake. That alone tells you that something isnt right. Slot A fits into Slot B, not slot A fits into slot A. You dont have to be a rocket scientist to figure out whats right or not. I love my dog, but I dont try to get tax benefits out of our relationship. It is what it is. Just stop complaining about everything. If I wanted to join the Lingerie Football League, Im pretty sure they would turn me down, and rightfully so. You wouldnt hear me trying to break barriers there. If straight people are so bad, then why would you want to "lower yourselves and be like us", right?

"Scientifically and naturally speaking" there wouldn't be gay people if the gene was bad. Yet for thousands of years, gays keep getting born. I wonder if their presence in our society isn't just God's way of reminding all of his Children to get along. If there is a mistake being made, I seriously doubt it's God getting it wrong.

the fact you think it's science that man and woman are supposed to be together is completely ignorant. I've been with my girlfriend for two years, and its never felt "wrong." There is a reason for separation of state and religion.

Marriage is purely constitutional.
It should be an equal right.

Well if you think of humanity as a virus that uses Earth as a host then it easy to see that the only way that nature can retard our rate of growth is to put things in place that control the population such as disease, natural disasters and homosexuality, just to name a few. The same way that our immune system fights off pathogens.

It is totally natural and we are not the only species on this planet that has homosexuals. I just think its hard for gays to compare themselves to a natural disaster, but things in nature tend to have a good side and a bad side, yin and yang. Do your homework somewhere outside the bible every now and again.

So why not allow those that do not reproduce to help raise the children straight people abandon or sell, and have the same rights when raising them? See it for what is.

You dont accept to be a rocket scientist to amount out whats appropriate or not. I adulation my dog, but I dont try to get tax allowances out of our relationship. It is what it is. Just stop accusatory about everything. If I capital to accompany the Lingerie Football League, Im appealing abiding they would about-face me down, and appropriately so.

Thank you for being a part of this important new national campaign. Despite polling that shows that majority of Catholics in America support equality, our hierarchy continues to misrepresent our values in the political arena. Catholics for Equality was formed to give our majority opinion a voice and to empower Catholics in the pews to put our faith into ethical and effective political action at the federal, state and local levels.

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