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Transgender medical symposium on Wednesday at Pride Center at Equality Park in Wilton Manors

From Michael Emanuel Rajner:

Tomorrow The Pride Center at Equality Park in partnership with the Broward County Health Department, SunServe and the AIDS Education Treatment Center (AETC) will be hosting an all day medical symposium focusing on the unique medical needs of transgender people.

In Florida, too many in the medical profession lack a real understanding of the critical medical needs for transgender people.

FYI: The event is now full and closed to the public. The following is for informational purposes only:

Transgender symposium flyer

Here's the full schedule:

    “Test Broward”

    A Transgender Medical Symposium

    Wednesday February 23,2011

    8:30 Continental Breakfast - registration

    9:00 : 9:05 AM – Welcome and Opening Intros

    9;10-10:25 AM What is Gender/Gender is what? Dr. Marilyn Volker

    This opening presentation will set the stage for understanding the range and the many possibilities in gender variant/transgender life journey. It is critical for medical/mental health professionals to be aware Gender Variances to provide the most competent and compassionate of care.

    Objectives: At the end of this presentation, participants will be able to

    Identify Understanding/ identifying 4 components of sexual identity.

    • Recognize the RANGE/FLUIDITY of gender variance

    • Cite three strategies health care facilities/professionals can offer gender variant/transgender patients/staff

    • Specific behaviors that medical and community health professionals can do to facilitate safety and comfort for patients.

        Break- 10:25-10:35

        10:35-11:30 Health Issues and the Transgender Community/Transgender Sensitivity in Health Care –Joanne Keatley

        • Obstacles in care

        • Addressing Public health and the transgender individual

        • The Discussion and analysis of present health care delivery system for the transgender population, including barriers to care and the physician’s role.

        • Medical and emotional health needs and services

            · Need for HIV/AIDS education and intervention for MTF / FTM transgender:

            11:30-12:30 Panel Discussion & Q&A- youth / adults (Moderated by Dr.Marilyn Volker)

            • What you should know about who we are , our needs and what we face,

                (Jazz (10, Damien (13), - Mark Angelo, Lily Lopez, Monica Quinn, Nathaniel

                • A Parents perspective

                • Q & A

                    12:30-1:15 Lunch - (Skit provided by Sunserve youth ) Kris Drumm ,LMSW

                    1:30-3:30 Primary Compassionate Care of the Transgender Body, Mind and Soul – M.Layne Yassen, PA -C / Jim LoPresti Clinical Dir.-Sunserve

                    • Primary Medical Care and Comprehensive transgender patient medical assessment including general discussion of psychiatric and mental health components.

                    • Primary care guidelines for transgender patients throughout the spectrum including general discussion of hormone treatment

                    • Compassionate and thorough care of transgender patients' physical, emotional and spiritual needs/concerns

                    • Inclusive patient practices in office and other medical settings including disparities in transgender patient care

                    • Important transgender medical terms, language and surgical procedures

                    • Transgender health promotion and primary care of acute and chronic disease including prevention, screening and management

                    • Patient case study review and brief personal account showing the diversity of transgender patient issues and care

                      Healthcare team approach and importance of transgender patient referral to other medical, trans specific and compassionate

                        3:30-4:30---- Provider Panel - Moderator: M.Layne Yassen, PA-C

                        • Local community providers, professional, clinical and case management – Open Q & A Forum

                          (Derek Williams PA, Jim Lopresti -Clinical Director-SunServe , Lara Hoffman Physician Assistant for Lorena Lewy-Alterbaum – Endocrinology, Dr. Ana Puga-Children’s Diagnostic and Treatment Center, Jessica Lam, Dr. Jennifer Bartczak, Rowan Tree Medical

                          4:30- closing


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