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Westboro Baptist Church ('God Hates Fags') to protest at Elizabeth Taylor funeral

Westboro Baptist -- the antigay "God Hates Fags" church -- will protest at Elizabeth Taylor's funeral, according to Margie Phelps, daughter of church founder Fred Phelps. Earlier this month, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that free-speech laws allow the church to protest at funerals.

Here are a few of Margie Phelps' Tweets announcing the Elizabeth Taylor protest:

Lil rebel more honest than most. No peace 4 proud sinner. #WBC will picket funeral RT @margaretcho: RIP elizabeth taylor queen of fag hags

Hello rebels! RIP Elizabeth Taylor is in hell as sure as you're reading this & getting mad as a wet hen. She should've obeyed God. Too late!

She joined Michael Jackson and Heath Ledger in hell. #WBC 2 picket funeral RT @jermjackson5: it's sad day w/ loss of RIP Elizabeth Taylor.

Let me update BG: She's in hell! #WBC 2 picket funeral. FT @BylliCrayone: @BoyGeorge you see @margiejphelpsbeats re RIP Elizabeth Taylor ?

http://t.co/5A9Scrc @TMZ gettin' it done! #Westboro will picket funeral of serial-adulterous fag hag RIP Elizabeth Taylor

This is called PUBLISHING friends! Westboro Baptist Church Plans to Protest Elizabeth Taylor's Funeral http://t.co/o5PaOlq via @TIMENewsFeed

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I thought God was supposed to love everyone - you people are sick and demented.

How can you call yourselves Christians if you sow so much hate.It just makes you important to rob a successful person's legacy. You act like terrorists
May God have mercy on your soels for you will surely rot in hell

Our brave gay and lesbian troops are exercising their freedom of speech as well by saying "Do Ask, Do Tell" now at http://OutMilitary.com

The God I serve loves everyone, .These people have no right to use Jehovah as a means to show hatred to his creation. When Jesus the Christ walked the earth, he taught us to LOVE!!!!!!I Love you Miss Liz, When you see Jesus, tell him to "Forgive them for they know not what they do"

God commands people to repent
this is how he loves us.
God doesn't love sin and sin is what separates us from God.
You would be an awful parent if you approved of your child playing with snakes.
God hates sin and gave sent his Son to redeem us.
But he commands us to repent of sin and follow him according to what he said not according to what we think.

@Rita: God seems very bossy!

"You would be an awful parent if you approved of your child playing with snakes."

You would put a lot of herpetologists out of work, then.

If you believe in your faerie stories about some supernatural being sitting in judgment on your life, fine. Whatever gets you through the night. Just keep your pompous sanctimony to yourself, and don't tell others how to live their life. You seem to have enough control issues yourself.

We should all be so lucky to have the current badge of honor aka WBC at our own funeral, for surely it is a sign that one has lived one's life honestly and worked hard on behalf of the less fortunate. RIP Elizabeth Taylor indeed.

It's obvious why so many people can't accept religion when you have "Christians" like these! My God taught me to love, to love one another, to even love these WBC misguided people! I disagree with them 100% but it's not for me to judge. Hopefully one day they can see how much pain and hurt they are causing, and change their ways. Christianity is about a relationship with God, not the nonsense these people are spewing!

Do these hateful MORONS have nothing better to do? Seriously. How pathetic that instead of working to make the world a better place, they are generating venom. My GOD does not hate anyone. Get a life, losers.

They're probably Tea Partiers

What a pathetic bunch of losers. NO wonder society is the way it is. These people breed hate! In my opinion they are no different than the terrorists our country is fighting against. Elizabeth Taylor was an icon and thank GOD for people like her that use their celebrity status to help the victims of AIDS. How can the members of this church call themselves Christians?

No, they don't have anything better to do. Why don't they read the Book of Leviticus, and do the whole thing--food, rituals, and all. They pick and choose! They are really pieces of work.

i cant believe this woman calls herself Christian

When these people die, it would be nice for someone to go and p!ss and literally cr-ap on their grave. That's exactly what they are doing when they protest these funerals.

Elizabeth Taylor will be long be remembered as a screen icon, and a compassionate and loving human being who genuinely cared about making the world a better place for others .

They world would be wise to silence the Westboro cult by totally ignoring their dimwitted rantings, and I really wish the media would stop giving these whackos a platform.

While I believe homosexuality is wrong and God does not approve of it, these sickos are the antithesis of Christianity. Being obnoxious and hateful is not what Christ taught. Someday the Phelps are gonna mad as a wet hen when they find out they were wrong too.

These people are white trash morons-How bout a Fresca?

These people are to be pitied...they're sick.

Try to forgive them....they've been brainwashed to use religion to spawn hatred.

Imagine how sad it must be to BE THEM...!

I have such pity on all of them, because they ARE PITIFUL excuses for human beings...instead, they have become HUMAN WASTE/PARASITES!!

you guys are seriously sick in the head.I hope you dont plan on coming to owasso oklahoma anytime again.How can you not like soldiers, they give up there freedom to protect you and this how they get treated.maybe you should go ahead and enjoy the freedoms of a third world country.

Okay, so lets accept gays and their lifestyle. Then what? sex with animals? Yes, God loves us providing we repent and change our ways . These people above, picked one or two verses and used the half conveniently for them. God loves you but if you continue in your merry ways, God will turn His back on you, till you "surrender" to Him and stop your lukewarm Christianity.
You cannot possible be a Christian and worldly. This is NOT the way it works. The great thing about God, is that once we get to Heaven, is going to be His way or the Highway. God is not a "tolerant" God.All this nonsense will come to an end.

These people are correct homosexuality is a sin and left unrepentant that person will go to hell.

To the woman in this photo, Betty Phelps:Your face is so full of hatred and ugliness. I don't know who will cry for you when you finally drop dead but this world will be better without you and your hatred. If heaven is filled with your kind, who can hate someone because of what they do with their own pee-pee, then it must be a dead, dark place.
You are an ugly human being, inside and out and you could never measure up to a fraction of Elizabeth Taylors pinkie toenail. You're probably jealous, anyway

It's very sad that people like these actually turn others off to Christianity and keep them from possibly joining the church (not WBC, "the church" as a whole). It kind of defeats their purpose, except for the fact that most people know that this bunch is nothing remotely resembling Christian. They are just an inbred cult that likes to be "on the T.V.".

What are Fred Phelps and the WBC afraid of? Rainbows? Unicorns? A flaming pink queer apocalypse? I attempted to address this with a portrait of the good reverend on my artist’s blog at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2011/03/fred-phelps-and-westboro-baptist-church.html Drop in and let me know what you think!

that church is pure evil

what a sick woman and congregation.there are still left overs from the days of the inquisition or the new salem witch hunts.

God loves everyone, but only those who are washed in the blood will get to heaven. How do you get washed in the blood of the lamb. All you have to do is repent of your sins and beleive that He, God, raised Jesus from the dead, and then live a sin free life, by the help of the Holy Spirit of God, which He will give you. Yes, God will forgive and He does not discriminate. Those who do not follow this will go to hell, be they unrepentant sinner of any kind. It is not because I say so, nor is it based on whether you believe it or not. It happens this way because God says it does! No one can force you to beleive. But, consider this: Just look around you, at all you see. For sure you're educated to some degree, at least. Answer this question: Do you think that all you see and all that there is in this world could have been by accident? This all has to be by Divine order. There is no other reason for it. I'm no accident, nor are you. I plan to go to heaven, I hope that you are too. And, all I am is a repentant sinner.

I do believe Phelps is a closet homosexual struggling with his own sexuality. As Shakespeare wrote "I doth think you protest too much." Looking forward to taking a dump on your grave Freddy boy.

If heaven is full of members of the WBC, I would rather go to hell.

Religious or not...If I find these &!*@&!
protesting at my relative's funeral.
I'd round up a lynch mob and we'll beat their ass
senseless ! I HATE the Westboro Klan with
a passion ! I'm my world freedom of speech
don't apply to Westboro Baptist !

It's "christians" like this that make me sure I've made the right decision by NOT falling for the bible abuse myself and others have experienced. The very idea that these monsters disrespect the families of the dead by showing up at their funerals with hatred in their hearts and words. What god would approve of this behavior? Whoever it is I'm glad I don't worship her/him. This is the stuff that attracts nutwings and repels normal people. Ms Taylor was a very giving person and has helped literally millions of people on this 3rd rock from the sun. Westboro Baptists are known to the world as haters and wicked people. How proud does that make humans?? The best treatment toward the protestors is turning a deaf ear and a blind eye to them onsight. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME ON YOU SICK BASTARDS!

The Westboro clan truly do put the “twit” into Twitter. But we have come to expect no less from them. Sad little media-junkies, with their tawdry little law degrees. Ignore them - hard I know - and they might just go away (although they do rather tend to breed like rabbits, so unlikely).

So the idiot church is going to leave its walled in compound in kansas and go out of america for the protest??

Please, please do NOT send them back to america...we don't want them back!

Elizabeth Taylor has been more Christian and conducted more humanitarian/charity work than most of us could ever do in our lifetime. Elizabeth Taylor founded ETAF, and covered all of it's operating cost while she was alive. Elizabeth also gave un- disclosed amounts of money to other charities, helping people who were in need all over the World. Westboro Baptist Church should get with the program. This is 2011. It is time to take your head out of your ass and check back in with the real World.

It's not religion; it's a money making scam by Phelps the head of "Westboro Baptist Church".

Wikipedia indicates: Phelps is a disbarred lawyer, founder of the Phelps Chartered law firm. Westboro Baptist Church, through the closely related Phelps Chartered law firm, has collected fees under the Civil Rights Attorney's Fees Award Act of 1976 when their protests have been unlawfully disrupted.

Dear Westboro - Get it over with and just drink the Kool Aid already!

if God is all wise he'd strike all of you haters dead or maybe we can get lucky and have a drunk driver plow into a group of you.

You know what really boils my blood? The fact that the Supreme Court has now allowed these religious dirt bags to make their filthy, hateful protests. These protests are nonsensical, hateful, and downright disrespectful. Whatever happened to not disrespecting the dead? And now you've got these fools insulting our dead soldiers and people who have done so much for the rest of us.

And they're doing this because Taylor helped fight against AIDS- they're clearly being biased, assuming that every person with AIDS is gay. Even if they were, being gay is one choice in a million, and should be considered as such. Should I get Christian at my funeral because I don't want to be married or have kids?

This is what gives christians a bad name! I believe n the the one n only true god n his son jesus christ who died 4 our sins! n Ur supposed to c ppl thru his eyes n luv how he luvs! love the sinner hate the sin!! Jesus speaks about such ppl in matthew he will say flee frm me i never knew u!! Pray 4 the ppl frm this church!! They will need it!!!

Has anyone thought of testing the water, back in Kansas in the area of Westboro "Baptist" "Church"?
Maybe they'd find something in the water that has driven that whole family insane; like lead in the water that led to lead-in-the-head syndrome.

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