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Gallery | Dame Edna of Florida at Georgie's Alibi

Dame Edna at Georgie's Alibi 024

Each Monday night at Georgie's Alibi in Wilton Manors, musical performer Michael L. Walters transforms himself in the ultimate camp creation, Barrie Humphreys' Dame Edna ... of Florida.

walters"The show I do at the Alibi is a bit of a mishmash - intentionally so," Walters says. "I have discovered that audiences in a cabaret/bar setting don't want to hear Edna caterwaul for any extended length of time, nor do they want the stand-up for any extended length of time, so only at the Alibi, I give a bit of a compromise and do the Broadway vocal shtick, in addition to the template of the Edna persona, and it seems to work in that environment ... and that has been the gimmick that has kept the show packed consistently for two years."

Highlights include Walters' performance of Ol' Man River, sung in deep baritone as Edna powders and lipsticks herself onstage; and a version of Hello, Dolly! in which Edna duets as both Carol Channing and Louis Armstrong.

Unlike many drag performers, Walters, 39, does all his own singing, karaoke-style with music by computer.

"I've found that there is indeed an audience for live singing cabaret performers. I think the  entire gay scene was so heavily inundated by the lip-synch performers, that people forgot that when drag performance was in it's heyday, that the queens were live performers. I guess there aren't many people who remember Finnochio's, and that for the longest time, lip-synch was rare, if not unheard of," Walters says. "The one other thing I've discovered is that audiences are so conditioned to seeing lip synch performers, that they forget that there is a lot of skill and concentration required to sing live, so I often run into chatty and sometimes disrespectful audience members who forget that the room is a live cabaret room and they are dealing with a character who has no compunction about talking them out of the room or having them removed."

Walters show is managed by his 23-year-old life partner, Doug Michael Lucas.

Click either picture above to view a gallery from Dame Edna's act, which features Alibi bartender Hugo, above. Photos by STEVE ROTHAUS / Miami Herald Staff.


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He is ABSOLUTELY terrific! You must go and check it out it's a fun evening, show-tunes, comedy and good drinks.

Having seen this guy perform more times that I can remember. The one thing that sticks out in my mind is how fresh it is each time I see him . We remember him from Orlando and now we go down to Lauderdale to see his show as often as we can . He is a gem and I just wanted to add my 2 cents to the mix.

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