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Equality Florida: Mayoral candidates Campbell, Gimenez, Khavari, Redfern, Robaina support protections for gender identity, sexual orientation

From Equality Florida:

Election Day is Next Tuesday | May 24th, 2011
Do You Know Where the Candidates Stand?

The next Miami-Dade Mayor and Commission have some work to do for the LGBT community. The most pressing issue will be to strengthen Miami-Dade's Human Rights Ordinance (HRO) to include protections for both sexual orientation and gender identity.

Our 2011 Special Election Voter guide spotlights this critical issue so you can see where the candidates stand.

The Miami-Dade HRO has for more than a decade included protections based on sexual orientation, but we have fallen behind many other communities across Florida and the country that also ban discrimination based on Gender Identity and Expression. Tampa, Gainesville, Tallahassee & Leon County, Orlando & Orange County, Palm Beach, Broward, and Monroe Counties have these protections. Salt Lake City Utah and Columbia South Carolina have these protections. We need a mayor ready to help bring these protections to Miami-Dade County.

Please support candidates who will stand with our entire community.


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BUT ROBAINA signed a pledge for a "pro-family group claiming he wouldnot extend those protections. In Hialeah, those protections were put into effect by Robaina's predecessor, Raul Martinez. If Robaina has one trait, it is talking out of both sides of his mouth.

Clearly Campbell, Redfern and Khavari are the only candidates on Equality Florida's chart who support LGBT rights. Gimenez, Robaina and Llorente have either stated they don't support, or refused to say if they support, marriage equality and/or adoption equality and/or bullying prohibitions for LGBT students. And all 3 refuse to say if they are pro choice - and yes, abortion issues do come before county commissions (ordinances requiring Crises Pregnancy Centers, really Coerced Pregnancy Centers, to post notices that they don't provide or refer for abortion care, and ordinances that require bubble zones around clinics so that anti abortion fanatics can't directly accost women patients). It's time to ignore the entrenched anti-gay, anti-woman politicians and vote for someone who supports our individual rights.

Why is Equality Florida seemingly endorsing candidates who do not 'strongly' support human equality standards. This organization is too wimpy in Florida.

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