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Video | Transgender prom queen Andrew Viveros joins It Gets Better campaign, starts Facebook page

Andrew Viveros, the 17-year-old transgender Broward County high school grad who became a worldwide Internet sensation after being elected McFatter Technical prom queen, has launched her own Facebook page and recorded an It Gets Better video for LGBT youth.


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So very sad and un-natural.....another deviant lifestyle.

Dude looks like a lady

I saw it on Creature Feature.


17? You must have had a rough life...

People if you disagree with the lifestyle then state it. It is shallow to attack the person personally.

Where did the expression "disagree with the lifestyle" come from? Can people also "disagree" with a left-handed lifestyle? A brown-eyed lifestyle? A red-headed lifestyle?

Most people are born straight, but some people are born gay and some are born transgendered. If you don't believe this, you need to make some gay and transgendered friends and talk to them about their orientation. I have many gay friends, and not one of them ever made a "choice." (Come to think of it, neither did I!) If you are straight, be grateful that no one is trying to put your civil rights up to a vote and "disagreeing" with your lifestyle.

There is room enough on the planet for everyone. Live and let live.

Margy, sorry but it is a learned deviant behavior.
lesbianism can arise out of a “girl’s unconscious rejection of her feminine identity,” which she perceives as unsafe or undesirable. A gender-confused girl may have been molested, or had an abusive father, leading to feelings that it’s unsafe to claim her feminine identity. Also the girl’s mother could have “appeared to the girl as either a negative or a weak identification object.” Appropriate gender identity in girls comes through a warm, healthy, mother-daughter relationship and a father should “reflect his daughter’s gender-differentness from himself with respect and appreciation,” and not treat her like the son he always wanted. Research indicates that, as with male homosexuality, environment plays a big role in determining whether a girl will grow up lesbian.

Andrew should be proud! The message is important for others to hear. Open up your minds and hearts.

Vic - where did you get this load of crock? Being gay or lesbian has nothing to do with your upbringing, or your parent's parenting skills. It has been proven that it is not choice. Ask any gay person about their childhood and they will tell that they always felt different. Although as a child there is no sexual connection, they did feel a connection to the same gender and no, there more times than not, no parental issues. Stop getting your information from unreliable sources and ask a professional like a physician.

Vic is completely ignorant on this subject. Every single thing he said is false, and is an opinion he has based on whatever feelings of inadequacy he had growing up with a deviant mother...see what I did there Vic?

first thinge first you are beautiful,there are so many people like us,its very heard i would like to talk and meet you,iam 58yr maybe you could help me move closer to a happier life, i have just been able to start usi ng the womens restroom at work,its a very slow process. i just want things to move faster.MEGAN

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