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ACLU video | Lesbian couple sues Vermont's Wildflower Inn for discrimination

From the ACLU:

Today the American Civil Liberties Union and the ACLU of Vermont filed a lawsuit against a Vermont resort that refused to host a lesbian couple’s wedding reception due to the owners’ personal bias against lesbian and gay people. Vermont law prohibits denying access to public accommodations based on sexual orientation.

Posted to YouTube:

Kate Baker and Ming Linsley were planning to hold their wedding reception at Vermont's Wildflower Inn only to find that the innkeepers didn't host gay receptions because of "their personal feelings." Baker and Linsley contacted the ACLU, and they are suing the Wildflower Inn for discrimination.
To say "No" to Discrimination and "Yes" to Equality,
Go To: http://www.aclu.org/wildflower


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OUTRAGEOUS-  Please,everyone direct your complaints towards [email protected] Trust me,I grew up in VT a long time ago,the only people here who would ever do something like this are bigots. Even the Christian churches here in VT marry gays. I have never heard of such disgusting behavior perpetrated by a VT citizen on a paying customer no less. VT is one of the most liberal states in the Union,i can't believe we will be known by the Wildflower inn's owner's hateful behavior. Today I'm ashamed to be an old time VTer. 

I agree that they are at fault but they are actually really nice people and calling them names isn't going to help anything. And not all Christian churches in VT marry gay couples, in fact there was an article in the Caledonian Record just last week. I wish they DID all marry gay couples and that people wouldn't let their religious beliefs get in the way of treating everyone equally but their will always be people that do. And if people start judging VT by ONE establishment then they are just as much at fault.

We must force these bigots to rent out their private facilities against their will.

I had a similar experience with my (gay) wedding here in Massachusetts. We sought out a Christian photographer then forced her to be part of our ceremony. She initially declined to take the contract, but we told her that she'd better get her arse to our wedding or we'd sue the snot out of her. She became an unwilling participant in our ceremony, which is what we wanted. We have to knuckle these bigots under, force them to do things they find abhorrent. That's called tolerance. That's called freedom.

It's fine if they object to homosexuality, just as long as they continue to be hostages at our weddings.

I blogged on this at my website.


Sexual behavior is kind of like skin color. So this is kind of like segregated lunch counters. And stuff.


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