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Clothing's not optional at Lords Hotel on South Beach, says manager Brian Gorman

BY LYDIA MARTIN, lydmartin77@gmail.com

The bar at the Lords Hotel on Collins Avenue near 11th Street is done up in gaudy gold, a campy tribute to the women of Miami. Many of the guest rooms feature huge portraits of Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra drag. There’s a giant polar bear towering over the lobby, but he’s hardly scary. How can he be when he’s striking a pose with a big vinyl beach ball between his paws?

Since the Lords opened in late November (formerly the Nash Hotel,) the media has frothed about it being the first gay boutique hotel chain in America — although there is only the one property so far. And the Lords is hardly the first hotel to cater to a gay clientele. Not nationally, and not in South Florida.

But it used to be that mention of a gay hotel immediately conjured images of — well, never mind the images. Never mind the sad décor, the sorry bar scenes, the seedy goings-on.

“Even some of my friends said, ‘Oh my God, this place is actually nice,’” says Brian Gorman, the Lords’ always-chipper founder, who these days is focused on expanding the brand. He says the second Lords will open either in New York or San Francisco and that he’s close to signing deals on both coasts.

“Some people said, ‘We didn’t want to book here because honestly, we didn’t really know what to expect.’ They wanted to see rooms first,” says Gorman, 35, who is committed to getting gays and lesbians to change the tape on what it means to stay in a gay hotel. “When we were opening, some people asked, ‘Is this place going to be clothing-optional?’ No, it’s clothing. And try to make it cute clothing.’’

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Lol so funny. I always thought gay people just stayed in regular hotels like everyone else. Why would they need to go to those other places. It;s not like being Gay is still such a taboo thing. Almost everyone has a gay friend nowadays or is related to someone who;s gay so what's the big deal??

I do think Elizabeth Taylor would be proud to have a hotel design after her. I know she had a huge gay following and helped with the recognition of AIDS and HIV and the need to help.

I know she will always have a place in the gay community.

This is a ridiculous article --- Provincetown and Key West and Europe have had VERY VERY nice non-clothing optional resorts / hotels for Gay People for DECADES.

Isn't this property straight owned?


"Why would they need to go to those other places. It;s not like being Gay is still such a taboo thing."

Your youthful naivete is adorable --- lets see what happens when a gay couple starts making out in Palm Beach or the Ritz in Tampa.

whoaw this is the first time i've heard of such hotels. are there any chains in singapore? we are quite interested to review them



I don't think that there is much to be bothered about gay or lesbians and even I don't feel it as a gay hotel. This is one of the good hotel with fabulous services.

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