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Florida Together to Diana Cardenas: 'Retract and apologize for your public comments regarding the LGBT community'

An open letter from Florida Together Executive Director Michael Kenny to Diana Cardenas, wife of American Conservative Union board chairman Al Cardenas:

Diana Cardenas,

On behalf of Florida Together which represents more than 80 gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) organizations in Florida, I call on you to immediately retract and apologize for your public comments regarding the GLBT community.

Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans are caring, patriotic, honest, hard working, tax paying Americans. We want nothing more or less than the same rights you and your husband have.

Please know that our request is not partisan -- Florida Together is bipartisan.

Instead, we ask you to retract your comments and apologize because you have publicly displayed a lack or respect for others and, perhaps unknowingly, aided the type of hatred and bigotry that continues to expose GLBT Americans to prejudice and violence.

As a family leader of a public, political home, your words matter. Today, posting on Facebook is not different than giving a speech and because your words are visible to all - including impressionable youth -- your comments are even more public than a speech. And all the more damaging and divisive.

Differences in policy are one thing. But surely we can agree that baseless, personal attacks on an entire group of Americans based on ill-informed stereotype is counter-productive. Sadly, America's history includes ugly prejudices against many groups, for example Catholics and immigrants. But happily, far more numerous are the examples of America as the world's greatest democracy, true to our founding beliefs that "all men are created equal".

If you would like to learn more about our community, we invite you contact us and join us at our Annual Conference. We would also be happy to arrange introductions and meetings for you with some GLBT leaders so you can better understand our community.

Whether you accept our invitation or not, we hope you do understand the real harm you have caused and prejudice you have displayed and call on you to do the right thing and apologize immediately.

Michael Kenny
Executive Director
Florida Together


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