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Liberal lesbian, conservative gay man debate Democratic, Republican stands on gay issues

A Letter to the Editor on Friday from Cris Ascunce of Miami Shores:

Gays are not the problem

While I appreciate the Republican presidential candidates’ general stance on “family values” and on the “sanctity of marriage,” I would really love it if they left mine alone. Being a proud, lifelong Democrat and lesbian, I can’t understand why any gay person would choose to be a Republican — thought some of my best friends, and even family members, are.

I think that the candidates’ ignorance about gay rights will eventually cause the 33 percent of self-identified gays who are Republican to jump to the other side. Fiscal responsibility is one thing, but stop messing with my right to marry the person I love. Quit saying that gay marriage will endanger marriage in general. Stop telling me I don’t belong in the armed forces. It’s un-American to withhold my pursuit of happiness.

If they dislike President Obama so much, let me see their clear-cut plan to produce fiscal responsibility. Give me their 14-point agendas on how they can improve GDP and job growth in this country. I can assure them that the gays getting married or having children or joining the military will have no effect on those real issues we face today.

Instead of trying to write discrimination into the Constitution, defining marriage as between one man and one woman, why don’t they explain to me how they will rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan so that they can function without the U.S. military as a permanent fixture?

As gays have done for many years, we will continue to have long-term, loving relationships. We will continue to have children and serve proudly in the military the way we have been in the past and there’s nothing these candidates can do about it — unless they plan to ban our relationships or making up ridiculous laws depriving us of other freedoms granted to heterosexuals.

A response on Sunday from A. Jay Eddy of Fort Lauderdale:

Liberal-Lesbian Democrat Attacks Gay/Gay-friendly-Conservative Republicans

Cris Ascunce, a Liberal Democrat from Miami Shore, in the Aug. 20th issue of the Herald seemingly attacks gay/gay-friendly-conservative Republican without any insight into the real problem facing those who challenge the dogma of “Marriage” vs. licensed “Civil Unions,” unions that should be entitled to the same rights enjoyed by “married” heterosexuals.

All unions heterosexual, bisexual and/or homosexual should require licenses and thereafter any binding ceremony should be up to the individual as to how they want to formally tie the knot. Usually, Roman Catholics marry Catholics, Jews marry Jews, Muslims marry Muslims, and mixed marriages of differing faiths or no faith at all seemingly get joined together by the Justice of the Peace or Notary Public.

Since we have “Freedom of Religion” hinged to “Freedom from Religious Persecution,” a religious institution should have the choice and right to marry whomever they please according to their dogma regardless of sexual orientation. We do know that currently there are religious denominations that already bless unions regardless of sexual orientation.

The real problem with today’s “Traditional Marriage” is not gay and bisexual women and men but turnstile “divorce.” Tied to this epidemic are the problems of keeping up with the Joneses, the burden of overextended credit, job security, and promiscuity, all issues eating away at the foundation of today’s so called “Traditional Marriages.” That environment has little to do, if anything, with homosexuals and bisexuals wanting to enjoy legally recognized life-long-committed relationships. It’s obvious that Americans want to live and experience the Constitutional guarantee and dream of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” as tax paying, law abiding, and hard working citizens of this great country and not be restricted because of minority status.

Shame on the Herald for allowing Cris to point her finger at gay/gay-friendly Republicans alone and then place her attacks strategically above a picture that not only attacks Sarah Palin but further enables subliminal discrimination against women.

Since it was President Bill Clinton (D) and Sen. Sam Nunn (D), both blessed at the time by Rep.Barney Frank (D), who gave us DADT don’t, rewrite history glorifying the Democrats at the expense of all Republicans. Also, it was President Obama’s appointee, Attorney General Holder, who defended DADT against the Supreme Court Log Cabin Republican challenge addressing its Constitutionality.

Let’s also remember it was on one quiet weekend evening that President Clinton (D) went on Evangelical-Fundamentalist Radio to proclaim the codification of DOMA, much like President Obama's (D) actions while rhetorically visiting Black Churches during his campaign and the Florida Constitutional Amendment 2 debate proclaiming marriage as “between one man and one woman.”

Cris Ascunce, let’s work the common ground and get over the Beltway game of political hostility coupled to the tactic of spinning the blame on everyone else but yourself and your own political affiliation and/or persuasions.


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I didn't see where Cris made a negative comment about Republicans who support gay rights. We need more Republicans who support gay rights. But let's be honest, Republicans who support gay rights are few and far between. Michelle Bachmann has said she will amend the United States Constitution to ban gay marriage. This is even more remarkable because Michelle has a step sister who is a lesbian.

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