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Activist Donna Milo endorsed by Log Cabin Republicans in Miami District 2 commission race

Log Cabin Republicans of Miami has endorsed activist Donna Milo in the Miami District 2 commission race. Also running: incumbent Marc Sarnoff, Williams Armbrister, Kate Callahan and Michelle Niemeyer.

Here's the Log Cabin group's letter to members:

Dear Fellow Log Cabin Republicans,

The Log Cabin Republicans of Miami makes endorsements in select races where its members feel their unique voice and perspectives are relevant. As Republicans, we support individual liberty, limited government, sound fiscal policies, and a strong national defense. As members of the LGBT community we recognize our responsibility to candidates who support the full legal equality all LGBT people deserve.

Accordingly, we publicly announce our support for Donna Milo in the race for City Commission District 2. We believe that Ms. Milo has demonstrated the ability to uphold our principles as Republicans, and we believe she will be a strong advocate for the LGBT Community in City Hall.

As a business owner, Ms. Milo has a keen sense of the needs of small businesses. We trust she will use her experience to foster a healthy environment for business development in Miami, and we know that experience will guide Ms. Milo towards prudent decision-making in matters of fiscal management.

In addition, we know Ms. Milo as a member of our community. On a very personal level we have every confidence that she will be a voice for the LGBT Community at a time when we are beset constantly by anti-social extremists. There are corners of the Republican Party still riddled with people who want us to live invisibly. Ms. Milo will be a very real symbol of the ability of LGBT people to participate in the full civic life of this country and to do so with decency and competence.

We encourage our members, our supporters, and others within the LGBT Community to join us in electing Donna Milo to City Commission District 2.

To learn more, visit the campaign's website www.donnamilo.com.

For more information on this endorsement or the Log Cabin Republicans of Miami, please contact: Mimi Planas [email protected]  or Eddie Sierra at [email protected].


Mimi Planas
Log Cabin Republicans of Miami

Eddie Sierra
Log Cabin Republicans of Miami


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