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New Jersey teacher's husband defends her Facebook comments on gays (with WCBS video)


UNION TOWNSHIP, N.J. -- The husband of a New Jersey high school teacher accused of anti-gay postings on her Facebook page is defending his wife's comments.

Gene Knox told WCBS-TV in New York ( http://cbsloc.al/ohGMsL) that "everybody's entitled to an opinion." He also told the station: "They can persecute her but they can't prosecute her."

The Union Township school district is investigating whether Viki Knox violated school policies when she allegedly posted remarks saying homosexuality is a sin that "breeds like cancer" and describing it as "perverted."

Knox sat by her husband's side during the TV interview. The station says she had been advised not to comment herself and has retained an attorney through her union.

Hundreds turned out at a school board meeting Tuesday to either denounce or defend Knox.


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For someone who has most probably felt the sting of discrimination thrice, at least once: Black, female and overweight, she has some nerve discriminating against others. Pulling the freedom of speech "card" seems to be the new tool of the bigots.

Cool, Patrick!

Thanks for sharing this great NYT article. Im jazzed to have a bit of extra support for my use of the Curiosity Box.

Rock right on,

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