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Gallery - 2011 White Party at Miami Seaquarium

White Party at Seaquarium 028

White Party at Seaquarium 077Thousands jammed Miami Seaquarium late Friday night for the 27th annual White Party to benefit Care Resource, South Florida's largest HIV/AIDS service agency. Hostess: Miss Elaine Lancaster.

White Party Week continues through Monday, Nov. 28.

Click the photos to view a gallery. All photos by STEVE ROTHAUS / Miami Herald Staff.

Click here to view a gallery of photos taken by Miami Herald staff photographer EMILY MICHOT.


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I had the time of my life...and for such a great cause.

This was a totally inappropriate venue for this kind of affair. I am absolutely in favor of raising funds for HIV/AIDS but I don't think the incredibly sound sensitive marine mammals living at The Seaquarium were able to shelter themselves from the loud music and fireworks. How thoughtless is the Seaquarium for allowing this when they are "dedicated" to caring for these sensitive creatures. Perhaps next year The White Party will choose another, more appropriate venue.

THis is abominable thwt anyone could allow this type of noise around these beautiful mammals, delicate whales...dolphins...in Switzerland to weeks go, two...that is TWO died from a noisy event such as this...stop before it is too late...
This is lunacy.

This is ridiculous. Not ok to cause harm raising money for a good cause, defeats the purpose and message of charity. Anyone in support of this by administration or attendance should really be ashamed of themselves.

It's a SHAME that the Miami Seaquarium allowed the WHite Party to be held on their grounds. And it's SAD that those who attended had zero concern for the marine mammals who are extremely sensitive to sound. Sure, the fundraiser is for a good cause, but risking the lives of orcas and dolphins is completely In-Humane. I'll do whatever I can to keep the White Party from returning to the Seaquarium ever again!!!

A party for a good cause in a horrible location. Those that atteneded should be ashamed that they caused so much pain and suffering to those wonderful, innocent animals.

Maybe Lolita liked it! Maybe the dolphins and orcas were dancing. Maybe.

I agree this event is supposed to be for a "good cause", but I also agree that alot of greedy hands are involved with this organiization. Its all politics, and all politicians are crooks.Understand.Now about the marine mammals, how ignorant does one have to be, or how money hungry is the Seaquarium. VERY.

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