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GOP congressional candidate to attend Wednesday meeting of gay Log Cabin Republicans of Miami

Log Cabin Republicans of Miami will meet Wednesday night in Coconut Grove. Here are the details from co-directors Mimi Planas and Eddie Sierra:

It is with great pleasure that we announce today our first Log Cabin Republicans of Miami meeting for 2012.

We are truly excited about the possibilities for our party and our group as we head into a very important 2012. We are focused and stand ready, willing and able to ensure Republican Victories to the most viable candidates that have our best interests at heart. Not just on the social issue of Gay & Lesbian Equality, which we struggle for on a daily basis, but on our core beliefs of small government, a strong national defense and fiscal responsibility.

We will be holding our meeting on January 18, 2012 at 7:00pm which will be hosted by our Co-Director Eddie Sierra and will
be held at 2954 SW 25th Terrace, Coconut Grove, Fl. 33133.

We also have the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Ozzie deFaria that evening, who is running for United States Congress in District 20. For those who may not know, he is challenging current Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Needless to say, this is one election we must win. He will be there to answer any questions you may have.

We need all hands on deck this year! If you are committed to making 2012 a success for your party and your principles, then come on over to our meeting and get involved! We would certainly welcome any and all help as we move into what will probably be the most important election cycle of our time.

Please RSVP by replying so that we may have an accurate count to accommodate all.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Best regards,

Mimi Planas
Log Cabin Republicans of Miami

Eddie Sierra
Log Cabin Republicans of Miami


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Anybody but Debbie!!

Go Log Cabin!!

Yeah right, I am going to vote against Debbie Wasserman Schultz who has been a champion of Gay and Lesbian rights....because why??????? Because some gay man who belongs to a political party that has marginalized and degraded gays and lesbians as much as Anita Bryant's crusade to Save our Children 30 years ago? Really?!?!?! LOL! Not a chance.

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