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HUD Secretary Donovan at Creating Change conference announces LGBT housing protections

At the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force's annual Creating Change conference in Baltimore, U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan today "announced a new HUD policy to fight discrimination against LGBT people in federally supported housing programs," according to the Task Force.


“I’m here this afternoon because our president and his administration believe the LGBT community deserves a place at the table — and also a place to call home. Each of us here knows that rights most folks take for granted are routinely violated against LGBT people,” Donovan said. “That’s why I’m proud to stand before you this afternoon and say HUD has been a leader in the fight — your fight and my fight — for equality. Over the last three years, we have worked to ensure that our housing programs are open. Not to some. Not to most. But open to all.”

Said Rea Carey, executive director of The Task Force:

"This policy announced today by Secretary Donovan will literally save lives. LGBT people and their families all across the country depend on HUD programs to have a roof over their head. Unfortunately, there are landlords out there who would choose to discriminate, putting families in peril. These housing protections will reduce homelessness and increase economic security for LGBT people, which helps break the cycle of poverty that many families experience due to discrimination.”

Click here to read Donovan's complete remarks at Creating Change.


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I believe all Americans who have put into our system deserve a roof over their heads no matter there personal choices... But my daughter n her husband went to the Hud program the other day after he was let go from his job, working there for 10 years... they have 3 children n will hav enowhere to live, he needs to go on diaysis n have a transplant. They were told there were no funds. Now what do they live in the streets. This program doesn't seem to productive.

We have seen the dramatic change, such as "Don't Ask Don't Tell" being repealed, therefore, LGBT programs can prosper a lot if supported by local authorities and with general public support.

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