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GLAAD: Yahoo! removes violent anti-gay comments from Adam Lambert interview

News release from GLAAD:


New York, NY, February 2, 2012 – GLAAD, the nation’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) media advocacy and anti-defamation organization, today announced that Yahoo! has removed violent, anti-gay comments posted to the site’s Y! Music ‘Reality Rocks’ blog and will continue work to address anti-LGBT comments on its platforms.

For more information on the comments and Yahoo! Safely visit: http://www.glaad.org/blog/yahoo-works-glaad-remove-violent-anti-gay-comments-adam-lambert-interview

Readers alerted GLAAD to violent comments that violated Yahoo! Terms of Services posted in response to an interview with openly gay recording artist Adam Lambert. Some comments promoted anti-gay violence and even encouraged suicide. Among the most egregious of responses was: “It would make my day if someone was to do to [Lambert] what those men did to Matthew Shepard.” Shepard was the 21-year-old University of Wyoming student who was brutally beaten and left for dead on the outskirts of Laramie, WY in 1998.

GLAAD reached out to Yahoo! and alerted the company. In response, Yahoo! quickly suspended all commenting on this post and will continue to work with GLAAD on addressing the issue of comments that violate Terms of Service by promoting hatred and violence toward LGBT people.

"Young music fans should be able to interact and comment on sites without seeing violent, hateful comments directed at LGBT people," said GLAAD's Director of Digital Initiatives, Allison Palmer. "Yahoo! did the right thing by taking immediate action to enforce their Terms of Service, setting an important example for other leading websites and tech companies."

Yahoo! stated that the company “does not allow content that promotes hatred against users or groups of users. Protected categories include, but are not limited to race, ethnicity, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Yahoo! takes issues like this very seriously. We provide methods for users to report content that they believe to be abusive.  Yahoo! reviews these reports and takes appropriate action according to our Terms of Service.”

Both Yahoo! and GLAAD urge users to report violent, hateful comments to site administrators.

In 2010, GLAAD started similar work with Facebook and helped create the “Network of Support,” an educational initiative that works to put an end to anti-LGBT cyberbullying, which includes other LGBT and youth organizations.


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Thank you, Yahoo, for doing the right thing and acting so quickly. Websites should have zero tolerance for this sort of thing.

nothing would please me more to NEVER see another hate filled comment about anyone, esp., gay or lesbian persons, on the Internet..it truly is scary to think that some people apparently harbor these kind of thoughts...thank you GLADD and Yahoo..

For those of us who have been devoted Adam fans since January 2009, I believe we may have become somewhat desensitized to the nastiness and ignorance. I want to believe that these small minded (and probably small in other places too) people (men mostly, I assume) are just idiots and not worth the time it takes to read and respond to their insanity. I don't want to fan the flames of hatred by giving them any acknowledgement. On the other hand, we are living in a world where many place no value on life so we have to be aware and even afraid. If these weenies could be identified, I have some wonderful ladies in my Florida Glambs group that would like to have a few minutes with them. We might be a little gray and glitter covered but we would kick their butts into next week if given the chance!

It is good for the young viewers to be able to follow and read in peace but for all of us. I am 63 and it really upsets me to read such terrible stuff towards Adam and Sauli or any person for that matter. Why do some people hate so much and why can't they just go find a site about things they like. It is bad for the mind to hate so much!!

I'm delighted that Yahoo finally took action. Similar comments have been made on other related articles, and Yahoo has let them stay up in the past, despite complaints. Bravo to GLAAD.

My only caveat is that by quoting these monsters and their nastiness, it just feeds the beast. They do it in part for attention, which now they have.

I would have preferred this press release not to have given these hateful people this much gratification.


I will never understand how some people can be so cruel, and hateful. Adam Lambert is a good person, as well as a tremendous performer. I'm grateful to have discovered him. What ashame that Adam, or anyone for that matter has to put up with these bullies who are nothing but insecure morons.

It is so disturbing that this type of fearful cowardly mentality is still out there. So thankful we have GLAAD and so happy Yahoo took this stand and will not tolerate this evilness. Adam is one of the most beautiful human beings on this planet. He is genuine,kind, real and to think anyone would have such horrible disgusting thoughts is a scary thing. My heart aches at what all people who are victims of this bullying and hatred have to endure. We must all stand together against this cowardly sick behavior and help those who are victimized. Stand up and be heard.

BTW matthew shepard was murdered by a couple of good catholic boys, McKinley and Henderson.

the catholic church tried to illegally influence the jury and tried to smear the prosecuter.

They are also showing their committment to supporting life by claiming that the murder was a drug deal gone bad.

They wont even let the violently murdered gays rest in peace.

how do I know - i have met matthews family multiple times and talked with the prosecuter some years ago.

btw we all need to know what the cathoic church is all about.............

a few links.


this is the old game that you can buy your way out of purgatory for money - the root of all evil. Part of the reason Martin Luther broke with the church and of course they EXcommed the man who created a better church.

and try this one/


I'm VERY happy that the nasty and hateful comments have been removed as well! ALL blog sites should take the same action and remove/block the posters.

I don't go online to read someone elses negativity or personal issues. It's not a free therapy lesson.

I also don't like reading about someones negativity about someones religion either though (And no, I'm NOT a Catholic) The Matthew Sheppard case - which was tragic and awful - does not garner a blanket statement about a particular religion.

Overall most mainstream religions are a good basis and foundation for people. It provides them with a sense of unity, direction and purpose (life goals). A story book (yes I said story book) on morals, respect and character which unfortunately not many have either paid much attention to or have been given the opportunity to study.

Religion supposed to be a guide in life not a strict, overzealous, dictatorship.

Don't let the few who take their religion and use it as a weapon taint your view of everyone that follows it. After all, doing so is pretty close minded.

Bigots will always be bigots, and we should not allow narrow minded views to be shared in this day and age !

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