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Marine Brandon Morgan comments on his kissing photos gone viral: 'I'm glad I can be an inspiration'

A Facebook message to me from Brandon Morgan, the Marine pictured kissing his partner, Dalan Wells, upon coming home to Hawaii:

I'm glad I can be an inspiration to someone. Thank you so very much for sharing my story.


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That is so cute! It's nice to know when you come home you have love waiting for you without fear. I think it is a great move forward.

this marine has more balls than an entire platoon

It's nice to see something like this can make positive headlines. And no, you won't turn gay if you look at the picture. Savor it and be happy that these 2 people can love each other without worrying about the outcome.

Man on man it is about time and they have their cloths on, a kiss seen around the world, yes so ree!!!!!!


It's too bad you find love pathetic, Alice. This picture and the situation it shows are truly inspiratiopnal to me.

Oh, poor Alice, how can you be so bold with your bigotry and seem so much more pathetic than you probably are? Lighten up, let Love happen, to and with whom and between those that need it.


I think this is awesome, and I'm sharing it far and wide.

Absolutely great! I already retweeted and shared on my FB page!
Love to all!


Good for him. I am straight and proud of all of my fellow Americans who fight to protect the rights of bigots, haters, and homophobes so that they may have a country to and the rights to say vile, hateful things about the real men (and women) who stand up for them. Twisted, yes, shameful, sure, but think about that one for a second when you're out trolling slurs and comments about soldiers who would die for you- and have every right that you do, and deserve love as much as anyone.

I thought beautiful, love is always nice, regardless of how it is. And I admit, I'm jealous of them. I need a boyfriend. (lol) I am brazilian and I live in Brasil.
[email protected]

Great picture, and a happy welcoming for the guys. Coming from abroad (Norway) I just can't understand the "don't tell" rule. This marine did his duty, and someone that loves him welcomes him home. How can anyone take issue with that?
Take care, and good luck to those two.


How do you love God - By loving your fellow man/gal - How does God love ou - when you are loving others - So let love reign - what ever kind!

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